Baltimore Orioles Baseball Memorabilia 1894-1897

1894 Baltimore Oriole Banner Bookmark

The Guide (Baltimore Newspaper 1940-1956) - Thursday, August 2, 1945 - by Andy Urban, Sports Editor

While many youngsters of the Eastside are contented with memories of having seen the Baltimore Orioles as they won the International League flag and the Little World's series last year, 10-year-old F. Donald Collins, of 519 N. Kenwood Ave., goes them one better.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Collins, the lad is proud owner of a souvenir badge of the champion Orioles of 1894.  he also has an engraved invitation from the directors of the Baltimore club to the opening game with Boston for the year of 1897.

They were given to him by his great-uncle, Charles S. Reinhart of 620 Tunbridge Road, as a remembrance of his younger days when the Birds had a truly great ball club.

1897 Baltimore Oriole Inaugural Game Invitation


1894 Baltimore Oriole Photo
Champion Orioles of 1894
Lying on the ground are:  John McGraw and Willie Keeler.  Front row:  "Kid" Bill Gleason, Joe Kelly, Ned Hanlon, Wilbert Robinson, Bill Hoffer, and Hughie Jennings.  Second row:  Walter Brody, Henry Reitz, John McMahon,
Frank Bowerman, and Artie Pool.  Third row:  Arthur Clarkson, George Hemming, George Carey and Bill Clark.


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