The Bowen Family

Lee Co., VA / Hancock Co., TN

Alonzo Jason Bowen

Alonzo Jason Bowen was born 12 February 1887 in Hancock County, Tennessee.

Alonzo Bowen's draft registration card for the World War is dated 5 June 1917.  He is described as tall and slender with black hair and black eyes.  He was listed as single, but claimed a draft exemption because he had to support a child.  He was a farmer from Kyles Ford, Tennessee.

Alonzo died 6 February 1941 in Lee County, Virginia.   

1900 U.S. Federal Census (image 3, sheet 2)
Hancock County, Tennessee, District 12
                     age    born  parents occupation birthdate   married
Enoch Bowen           44     TN    VA/NC  farmer     Jan 1856    24 years
Mary E.         wife  43     TN    TN/VA             Oct 1856    24 years
George H.       son   23     TN     TN    farm labor Sep 1876
Joseph H.M.     son   19     TN     TN    farm labor Nov 1880
William T.      son   17     TN     TN    farm labor Jan 1883
Addie M.        dau   15     TN     TN               Mar 1885
Alonzo J.       son   13     TN     TN    farm labor Feb 1887
Isaac G.        son    7     TN     TN               May 1893
(owns farm, Mary = 8 children born, 7 still alive)
1910 U.S. Federal Census (image 8, sheet 4)
Hancock County, Tennessee, Civil District 4
Rogersville and Jonesville Pike Road
                     age    born  parents occupation             married
Enoch D. Bowen        54     TN     VA    preaching              34 years
Mary E.         wife  53     TN     TN    none                   34 years
Alonzo J.       son   23     TN     TN    farmer                 single 
Grady           son   16     TN     TN    farm laborer
Ethel          gdau    7     TN     TN
Stella Johnson serv   16     TN     TN    servant
1920 U.S. Federal Census (image 12, sheet 6)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals District, Bishops Store Precinct
                     age    born  parents occupation
Alonzo J. Bowen       31     TN    TN     farmer on general farm        
Mary            wife  18     VA    VA                    
Eppie           dau    7     TN    TN
(owns farm)
1930 U.S. Federal Census (image 1)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals District
                     age    born  parents occupation  1st married
Alonzo J. Bowen       43     TN    TN     farmer         age 23
Mary            wife  28     VA    VA                    age 17
Eppie           dau   17     TN    TN
Annie L.        dau    9     VA    TN/VA
Ruth M.         dau    8     VA      "
Daniel L.       son    5     VA      "
Hugh K.         son    3y11m VA
Arthur B.      gson    9m    VA    US/VA
(rents for $3, can read/write)