The Bowen Family

Lee Co., VA / Hancock Co., TN

Jesse Bowen

Jesse Bowen was born around 1798 in Caswell County, North Carolina.  He was the son of Reuben Bowen and Sarah R. Hicks.  On 31 July 1815, Jesse Bowen married Elizabeth Ann Stanley in Scott County, Virginia.  They had seven children.

  1. Sarah A. Bowen was born around 1818 in Scott County, Virginia.  She married William Johnson in Scott County.  He was born in 1813, the son of George W. Johnson and Sarah Barnett.  William and Sarah Johnson had eleven children: James Monroe (1836-), General R. (1837-1890), Louisa (1840-1895), Jesse M. (1841-), Margaret (1842-1932), George Washington (1844-1932), Mary (1845-), John P. (1847-1927), David (1849-1868), Lewis (1850-1910), and Amanda (1852-).   William Johnson died 30 May 1864.  Sarah died 22 March 1892 in Scott County.

  2. Agnes Bowen was born 6 December 1820 in Scott County.  She married Claiborn W. Neely on 16 May 1839.  He was born 15 March 1816, the son of Telitha Neely.  Aggie and Claiborn Neely lived near the Clinch River in, Scott County.  They had ten children:  William Elijah (1840-), Jane (1842-1930), Letty Margaret (1844-1914), Lafayette H. (1846-1865), Sarah Elizabeth (1850-), Cerenia (1851-), Wilburn H. (1855-1866), Mary H. (1858-1837), John Campbell (1859-1938), and Carmack (1861-1941).  Claiborn Neely died 15 October 1888 in Scott County.  Agnes "Aggie" died 6 March 1900 in Scott County.  Both are buried in the Neely family cemetery.
  3. Lucy Bowen was born around 1822 in Scott County.  She married a Mr. Buckles.  This may have been James Buckles from Hawkins County, TN.

  4. Lewis Bowen was born around 1923 in Scott County.  Lewis Bowen lived on top of Powell's Mountain overlooking Turkey Cove to the north and Duffield to the south.  On 11 November 1851, Lewis married Nancy Jane Snider.  She was born around 1830 in Indiana.  Lewis and Nancy had twelve children:  Daniel H. (1848-), Arminda (1851-1855), Floyd H. (1853-1940), Louisa A. (1855-), Cynthia A. (1857-), James Monroe (1860-), Thompson Martin (1861-), Sarah E. (1864-), Gale Roger (1868-), Melissa (1870-), Emily (1872-), and Shadrack (1873-).  Nancy Snider Bowen died 5 August 1904.  Lewis died on 4 October 1912.  They are buried in the old Bowen Cemetery on top of Powell's Mountain.
  5. George W. Bowen was born around 1829 in Virginia.  George lived near Pattonsville, VA.  On 2 August 1849, George married Louisa Bishop in Scott County.  Louisa was born in 1832, the daughter of Samuel Bishop and Mary Neely.  George W. and Louisa Bowen had eleven children:  Sarah (1848-), Samuel Patton (1852-1919), Reece (1854-1919), James W. (1858-), Margaret (1860-), Josephine (1860-), Enoch (1862-1945), Mary Matilda (1865-), William Jesse (1867-1915), Icey V. (1870-), and Tabetha (1872-).  George and Louisa Bowen moved to Greenville, Texas.  George died there in 1895.
  6. Reece Bowen was born around 1830 in Virginia.  He married Alzira Head before 1852.  Alzira was born around 1833, the daughter of James and Ann Head.  Reece and Alzira Bowen had eleven children:  Ann Elizabeth (1852-), Lucy (1854-), Susan (1855-), George (1857-), Nancy (1859-), Amanda (1862-), Almira (1865-), Jennie (1868-), James (1870-), Ibbie (1873-), and Jesse (1874-).  Reece and Alzira Bowen lived on top of Copper Ridge in Hancock Co., Tenn. overlooking the Clinch River to the north and Clinch Mountain to the south.  They later moved to Greenville, Texas and died there.
  7. Jennie Bowen was born around 1825 in Scott County.  She married a Mr. Bishop.  Jennie Bishop lived and died on top of the "Natural Tunnel" in Scott Co. VA.

Jesse Bowen wrote his Last Will and Testament in 1842.  In the Will he named "Flavilla, Jason Yeoman, Henry Kane, Enoch Smyth and William Harmon, being children and heirs of Sally Durham, who is an unmarried woman."  He further states he considers the children to be his own though not legal heirs.  Jesse Bowen had ten children by Sarah H. Durham, but he did not marry her until after the children were born.  Descendants have reported that Jesse Bowen's first wife, Elizabeth Ann Stanley would not consent to a divorce.  Thus he was unable to marry Sally Durham until his first wife agreed to a divorce.

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  The 1850 Census in Scott County shows Jesse Bowen living in the household next to the household of Sally Durham and her 8 children.  In the Census the last name of the children was listed as Durham. 

Jesse Bowen married Sarah H. Durham on 23 September 1854 in Scott County.  In the marriage record, Jesse Bowen gave his age, his birthplace, and his parent's names.  Sarah H. Durham was born around 1808 in Rye Cove, Virginia, the daughter of Isaac B. Durham and Elizabeth Baldwin.  Shortly after their marriage Jesse and Sarah Bowen moved to Hancock County, Tennessee.

Jesse Bowen and Sarah H. Durham had ten children:

  1. Flavilla Durham was born around 1833 in Scott County.  She never took her father's last name.  On 11 July 1849, she married Winfield Carter in Scott County.  He was born around 1828, the son of Williamson Carter and Martha England.  Winfield and Flavilla Carter moved from Scott County, Virginia to Hancock County, Tennessee around 1856.  They had seven children: John (1851-), Henry (1852-), Cynthia A. (1854-), Rosa (1856-), George Washington (1857-1925), Elbert (1860-1924), and Lucy J. (1863-).   Flavilla must have divorced Winfield Carter as she remarried to Zachariah Minor on 26 January 1868.  Zachariah Minor was born in 1824 in Virginia.  Zachariah and Flavilla had five children:  Elizabeth (1865-), Joseph (1869-), Mary J. (1871-), Sally (1873-), and Jesse (1876-)  Winfield Carter died 22 November 1882 in Sneedsville, TN.   Zachariah Minor died 13 June 1897.  Flavilla died 22 June 1906 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  2. Jason Yeoman Bowen was born 12 February 1835 in Scott County.  (Click on his name for more information.)

  3. Henry Kane Bowen was born around 1837 in Virginia.  He does not appear in the 1860, 1870, or 1880 Census.

  4. Enoch Smyth Bowen was born 9 June 1838 in Scott County.  On 18 February 1856, he married Martha Jane Walling (Wallen) in Scott County.  Martha was born 11 December 1837 in Scott County, the daughter of Jesse Walling and Elizabeth Bishop.  Enoch and Martha Bowen had four children:  Sarah E. (1857-1881), James (1859-1908), Amanda F. (1861-), and Louisa Ann (1864-).  After Jesse Bowen died in the 1880s, Enoch S. Bowen moved into his house in Hancock County.  Enoch died 9 November 1910 in Hancock County, Tennessee.  Martha Bowen died 4 November 1930 in Hancock County.  They are buried in the Hurd family cemetery on the A.J. Stout farm.  This is one mile up the river from where they lived.
  5. William Harmon Bowen was born 3 May 1841 in Scott County.  He moved with his parents to Hancock County, Tennessee during the 1850s.  William married Nancy Ferriby Moneyhun between 1880 and 1890.  They had one daughter, Sarah E. (1891-1965).  Nancy died between 1891 and 1900.  William died 23 March 1915.

  6. Johanna Caroline Bowen was born around 1843 in Scott County.  She married Samuel Perry Catron before 1858.  Samuel was born 14 June 1836, the son of William Elijah Catron and Catherine Smith.  Johanna and Samuel Catron had seven children:  Jesse (1858-), Elijah Henderson (1859-1905), Ellis Patton (1861-1925), Brownlow (1864-), John Henry (1865-1926), Tillman (1868-1898), and Rosa (1872-1908).  Johanna died from exposure in 1872.  Samuel Catron remarried to Elizabeth Maness Brotherton around 1875.  Samuel Catron died on 17 May 1892.  John Henry Catron was a Virginia State Senator from 1910 to 1914

  7. Sylvania C. Bowen was born 31 January 1845 in Virginia.  She married Peter M. Anderson in 1860 in Hancock County.  Peter was born in June 1833.  Sylvania and Peter Anderson had Sixteen children.  Ten were still living in 1900.  Some of their names are:  Amanda (1862-), Aranda (1867-), Irena (1868-), Jacob (1870-), Triphena (1871-), Vienna (1873-), Theodoria (1875-), Sarah Ann (1877-), Lidia F. (1878-), Manerva (1881-), Margaret (1884-), Enoch D. (1887-).  Sylvania died after 1920.  Peter Anderson died on 31 March 1921.

  8. Elizabeth Bowen was born around 1847.  She married to Tillman Peters before 1870.  Tillman Peters was born around 1833 in Virginia, likely the son of George Peters and Elizabeth Pearson.  In 1863 Tilman fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  They lived in Hancock County during the 1880 Census and did not have children at the time.  Elizabeth may have married Tom Anderson before her marriage to Tillman Peters.

  9. John Patton Bowen was born around 1849 in Virginia.  He married Jane Lea.  She was born around 1851 in Virginia.  John and Jane had three children:  Caladona (1873-), Jesse (1875-), and Daniel (1877-).  John died in 1926 in Dallas, Texas. 

  10. Ebyline Bowen was born around 1850 in Virginia.  She possibly married Isaac Gilliom.  He was born around 1845 in Scott County.  In 1870 Isaac was living with his mother, siblings, and his two children William Hiram (1867-1944) and Thomas Jackson (1868-1854).  She possibly married Peter Gilliom with children:  Martha, Enoch, George, Betty, Hiram, and Luc M..  It appears she is listed in the 1880 Census as Ibby with the first five children above.  The same Ibby appears in the 1900 Census with Peter and children Luc M. and granddaughter Ella M.  She lived next door to Enoch S. Bowen.  This Ibby was born May 1850 which matches the 1860 birth date.  The 1900 Census indicates she had 7 children and 6 were living. 

Jesse Bowen died in the 1880s.  He is buried in a cemetery a few miles downriver from where he lived, in an area called Wallen's Bend (the Bend or Berrd Cemetery).  When his son, Jason Y. Bowen died a hand hewn marker was placed at his grave.  Later his family purchased a marker and the old stone was then put to Jesse Bowen's grave.  [Jean K. Horton, Kingsport, Tenn.]  Sarah died around 1899, according to her granddaughter, Sarah Horton.

U.S. Federal Census Records for Jesse Bowen

1840 U.S. Federal Census (image 60, sheet 310)
Scott County, Virginia, Western district
Jesse Bowen - 3 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 
1 male 20-30, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20,
1 female 30-40, 1 female 40-50
1850 U.S. Federal Census (image 186)
Scott County, Virginia, western district
                     age    born        occupation
Sally H. Durham       42     VA
Jason Y.              15     VA
Henry K.              13     VA
Enoch S.              11     VA
William H.             9     VA
Johana C.              7     VA
Sylvania C.            5     VA
Elizabeth              3     VA
John P.                1     VA
Jesse Bowen           52     NC         farmer
1860 U.S. Federal Census (image 5, sheet 116)
Hancock County, Tennessee, Wallen District, War Gap P.O.
                     age    born        occupation
Jesse Bowen           62     NC         farming
Sally                 52     VA         household
William               19     VA         farming
Elisabeth             13     VA
John                  11     VA
Ebyline                9     VA
1870 U.S. Federal Census (image 6, sheet 6)
Hancock County, Tennessee, District 4, War Gap P.O.
                     age    born        occupation
Jesse Bowen           72     NC         farmer
Sally                 62     VA         midwifery
William               29     VA         work on farm
John P.               21     VA         work on farm
Rosa Carter           15     VA         domestic servant
John Carter           19     VA         work on farm
Tillman Peters        37     VA         farming
Elizabeth Peters      23     VA         keeping house
1880 U.S. Federal Census (image 9, page 11)
Hancock County, Tennessee, District 4
                     age    born  parents occupation
Jessee Bowen          83     NC     VA    farmer
Sarah           wife  72     VA     NC    keeping house
William H.      son   39     VA    NC/VA  blacksmith

14 Oct 1818 - Scott Co., Va. Court of Pleas and Quarter Session, Minute Book 1The Claim of Jesse Bowen for guarding Joseph Jones charged with felony was produced in court, examined, allowed and ordered to be certified to the auditor of publick accounts.

Scott County, Va. Land Entry Book.
Richard Stanley enters fifty acres of land in Scott county by virtue of part of a Land office Treasury warrant No. 6516 dated 3rd February 1819 for 1000 acres on the north waters of Clinch River.  Beginning on the south side of a place where Jesse Bowen now lives and on the south side of Powell's Mountain to include the place where said Bowen lives on.

Will of Jesse Bowen - 10 November 1842 -
Scott County, Virginia - Deed Book 7 (p 109-110)

Know all men by these present that I Jesse Bowen of Scott County, Virginia; for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to Flavilla, Jason Yeoman, Henry Kane, Enoch Smyth and William Harmon; being children and heirs of Sally Durham who is an unmarried woman, as well for the further sum of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said children above mentioned being the heirs of Sally Durham at and before the sealing and delivery of these present the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have given and granted, and by these present do give, grant hereto the said Flavilla, Jason Yeoman, Henry Kane, Enoch Smyth and William Harmon being children of Sally Durham which children I consider to be my own though not legal heirs of my property and estate their ancestors and administrators and assigns forever, the following property to wit namely to be divided between and among the above mentioned children of Sally Durham who are not of age equally; sixty four acres of land and appurtenances in Scott County, Virginia being the land which I now occupy one hundred acres of land on the waters of Stock Creek and on the fork of the Flat Branch in Scott County, VA; one hundred acres of land which I have interest adjoining the land which I now occupy in Scott County, VA.  Fifty acres of land which I have interest adjoining the land of Elisha Walling and William Mitchell in Scott County, VA.  My interest in an improvement of land which I bought off ____ Shepherd in Scott county, VA; five head of horses, to wit namely one clay bank horse, one sorrel mare, one brown mare, one roan mare, and one roan colt, and seven head of cattle to with four milk cows and three calves and seventy five head of stock hogs, twenty seven head of sheep and thirty seven head geese. All my household and kitchen furniture consisting of six beds and bedding, five bedsteads, one chest, two tables, one sofa, seven chairs, 2 pair fire irons, one big Kettle, four pots, two kettles, one oven, one baker, one skillet, knives, forks, plates and my corn crop standing in the field, all my oats which is in stacks, all my flax, all of my crop of Irish potatoes and all my crop of turnips and also my farming utensils and one man's saddle, 2 spinning wheels, twenty five pound of wool, to have and to hold the written mentioned property both real and personal to the only use of the above mentioned children and their heirs forever, against the claim or claims of the said Jesse Bowen and his heirs and all other persons whomsoever, to have and to hold forever in witness whereof the said Jesse Bowen has hereto subscribed his name and affixed his seal this 10th day of November 1842.  Jesse Bowen (seal)