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Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855

July 1855

August 1855

1st of August - have been real sick.  Got a letter from my dear.  I believe it did make me feel better.  Diverted my mind into a pleasant channel, so full of love, and hope for the future when I shall be his bride.  My how strange that word looks when applied to myself.  I cannot realize it.  Wrote to him, my hearts only affection, a long long letter, more affection than is in any of them.  Wonder what he will think.  Whether it is night of otherwise, I do like to please him.

2nd - Thursday - went around to see Mary.  Gave her the letter.  Showed me the one he wrote.  Some things about myself, but the best was what Mr. Jacobs’ said.  He was going down to see what he was doing.  Writing so much about keeping house.  My I did feel so queer.  I took care to pull my veil on the side he was sitting on.  He laughed so much all at my expense.  Mary came down.  We went to see Miss Chamberlain.  Found Willi Bramble and her mother.  They soon left.  Miss Chamberlain entertained us with some fine music, and I goose like could not go to sleep, thinking of her going to leave.  I must stop enlisting my feelings in other people’s course.  I shall some time need it all myself.

3rd - Cornelia spent the morning with me.  Sallie Collins was in here also.  Sophia came to Father.  Read his composition for her.  She read it over too.  Tolerably well.  Miss Houston, our dear School Mistress, is expected down today.  All the girls are invited to take tea with her tomorrow evening.  The girls are all asking me how I shall dress.  I don’t care much about it.  He is not here to see me.  To dress for anybody’s eyes but his would be folly.  I just feel that way now.  Lou H came in.  Father, she, and I took a short walk.  Miss Houston has come at last.  No change in voice at least.  Heard her speak to them.

4th - after doing all my mending, dressed and went to see Miss Houston.  Has not changed one bit.  I told her, it was as if she had just left yesterday.  Played "Let us love one another" for me.  Sings very sweetly.  Frank gave me some ripe peaches.  The first I have seen.  Spent a very pleasant morning.  Cousin Hile Smith and his little son from Federalsburg dined with us.  So Mr. Willis will find out I am home.  Not for a long time for I am going to Easton on Tuesday next.  So I guess I shall not be troubled with him.  Went out to Dr’s for tea.  Spent tolerably pleasant evening.  Came on to rain, so Mary stayed all night.  I showed her the last letter.  It was so funny.  We had to come over the street "A la Cousin Sally Hilliard" style.  Did not get to sleep til 2 o’clock, talking of him.  She is the only one I ever unburden my heart to.

5th - Sunday - Mary left.  She stopped and I went to Church.  Very well filled.  I got so tired.  Such a long sermon, yet the latter part was good.  Saw Mr. Harris pass, and Clem Sullivain, the little fellow I danced with at Capt.  LeComptes.  Bowed very politely.  After dinner layed down for a nap.  Cornelia came in.  Laid down and we both went to sleep.  Did not wake up til 5 minutes of Six.  Missed walk around for Mary.  Rained a little.  We went to Church.  I'm thinking of him and wondering where he was; and what he was doing; whether he was thinking of me and the times past; and building castles for the future, tumbling some down and letting others stand for future demolishing.  All the past week I have kept myself awake with some fancy or other.  Sometimes perfect nonsense.  Could not go to sleep for my life til 12.  Sometimes not so late.  Rolling from one side of the bed to the other.  I do wish I could get a letter from him every day.  It seems so long since he left.  And once a week, only Wednesday is so long coming.  I read and read til I get them all by heart.  Then I want another one.  Too bad.  I have no more patience.

6th - rather cloudy.  Have some green gages to preserve.  I am going try how nice I can do the preserves this year.  This afternoon and evening are the first for the examination.  Three years ago and I was reined up for trial.  Miss Houston and Frank took tea with us.  Went up to the examination.  Very dry.  Went down to Cambridge to go over to see Pussy, but Oh too bad.  The boat left us.  After all our trouble of running down there.  Goodbye old diary.  I am going to start again tomorrow for Talbot. 

(pages or entries after August 6, 1855 have not been discovered.)