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Adams Family

Richard Adams married Abigail Williams, the daughter of Edward Williams Sr. and his wife, Abigail.  Abigail was the widow of Henry Turner, who died in 1679. 

1 Old 137 & 4 1/2 Old 32 - 2 June 1691 - Thomas Pattison and Ann his wife to Richard Adams for 6000 pounds: All that tract called "Buckland".  Beginning at a marked oak standing on the south side of a marshy branch that flows out of the head of Secretary Creek, from thence running SE 46p to a marked white oak standing at a small branch, from thence running SSW 80p to another marked oak, from thence running SW?xW 70?p, from thence running NNE 86p, from thence running and binding with WxS 250p, and from thence runnin NxW 60!p to said branch and running from thence up the branch bounded therewith to the first marked white oak.  Containing 150 acres.  Patented to said Thomas Pattison 10 September 1683.  Excepting land granted unto Edward Taylor Junior called "Westward" containing 100 acres.  granted to Edward Taylor Jr.  Bond of Richard Adams to Thomas Pattison regarding damage to "Buckland" by Indians.


MD Wills 2-12, folio 119 - 5 April 1709 / 4 June 1709 - Will of Richard Adams
wife Abigail, executrix, 1/2 of his lands & plantation then to son Richard at her death daughters, Frances Adams, Abigail Noble, Mary Adams, Grace Adams, Ellen Andrews, Margrett Adams, Monica Adams and Sarah Adams - personalty.
Witnesses Francis Anderton, William Lowe and Henry Jones.

Liber 30 folio 145 - 12 July 1709 - Inventory of Richard Addams
appraised by Francis Anderton and David Melvill.
The inventory was valued at £52.12.11
Frances Adams and Richard Adams next-of-kin and Abigail Addams was executrix.

His widow, Abigail later married John Rix/Ricks/Rakes.

6 Old 81 - 10 August 1710 - John Reaks (Rix, Ricks), Walter Campbell and William Ellis to Henry Turner, son and heir of Thomas Turner, dec'd: Bond concerning negroes belonging to said Henry Turner; said John Reaks having married Abigail Adams, mother of said Thomas Turner, dec'd, and she she having been named in the will of said Thomas Turner as guardian of Henry Turner. Witnesses Jno. Kirke, Hu. Eccleston.

In 1709 Richard Adams godfather was Thomas Taylor


From the notes of Mary Wright Carr (1921-1993)

Formerly known as the "Maurice House", the "Fletcher House", the "Henry Nichols House", and "Dr. Daniel Sulivane's dwelling plantation".  The original property known as "Buckland" was granted in 1688 to Thomas Pattison who sold it in 1699 to Richard Adams.  Adams owned it for 39 or 40 years (to 1740) and his descendants were in the area, so he must have settled there.  In 1740, Adams sold to John Rix, who sold part of it in 1745 and another part in 1748 to Daniel and Sarah Sulivane.  This latter part was adjacent to where Daniel and Sarah lived (on what had been Sarah's part of "Westward" inherited from her brother, and was where John Rix had lived.)

Kirk Hurley feels confident that his research proves that the house was built by John Rix during the eight years he owned it; and that a historical architect proclaimed it "circa 1740".  I can't argue with this as he has done more on this property than I have.  I did raise the question as to whether Richard Adams might have built earlier than this.  However, I have no knowledge of architecture, the property was originally 150 acres, and the back part of Adshead's house, which they did away with, was a much older house that the front part had been added to, and that could have been the Adams house.  Without the early tax records (destroyed by the court house fire), building dates are very hard to pinpoint. 

Daniel and Sarah Anderton's son Dr. Daniel Sulivane lived here.  He inherited it from his father who had lived adjacent to it.  His daughter Elizabeth received it as her part of this estate and sold it out of the family.  Daniel and Sarah's house burned in 1782.  I think Sarah had died before then.  Daniel died some time in the 1782-1784 time slot.  He takes part in a 1782-1784 deposition, but by the time it was completed her was "former" (deceased).
[Error Note - Richard Adams died in 1709.  He had one son Richard Adams, under age at the time (he was actually born about 1692).  In 1710 John Rix married Abigail Adams, widow of Richard Adams.  So the land Buckland was apparently in the son Richard Adams' possession not the original Richard Adams' possession.  So it would have been the son Richard Adams who sold the land apparently to his step-father.  - This also was not the house that burned to the ground around 1782]