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Daffin Family


BORN: in St. Mary's County, of age by 1775.
NATIVE: at least second generation.
RESIDED: in St. Mary's County; Dorchester County, June 1775; Bay Hundred, Talbot County, December 1775; Caroline County, 1778; River District, Caroline County, 1783.

FATHER George Daffin (?-probably by 1758), of St. Mary's County.
MOTHER: Susannah, widow of William Aisquith (?-ca. 1741), son of William Aisquith (?-1719).
BROTHERS: Joseph Daffin (?-1796); John; and George.
HALF BROTHERS: William Aisquith (?-1804); Thomas Aisquith (ca. 1740-ca. 1770).
HALF SISTERS: Mary Aisquith (?-by 1770), who married (first name unknown) Piercy; Ann Aisquith, who married Nicholas Sherwood; and Susannah Aisquith, who married David Hellen. MARRIED in 1775 Mabel (?-1796), widow of both (first name unknown) Ridgway and Risdon Bozman (?-1774); daughter of Philip Sherwood (?-ca. 1789), of Talbot County. Her brother was Nicholas. Her sisters were Frances, who married John Stevens; Deborah, who married Joseph Yates; and Elizabeth, who married Theophilus Marshall.
SONS: Capt. Thomas B., who married Rebecca (?-1812), daughter of Henry Dickinson (?-1789); Joseph G., who married Elizabeth; and Charles (?-by 1801, in his minority).
STEPSON: William Ridgway.
DAUGHTER: Susannah, who married Francis J. Wilson, of Queen Anne's County.
STEPDAUGHTER Sarah Ridgway (?-1798), who married William Ennalls Hooper (?-1795).

EDUCATION: literate.
PUBLIC CAREER. LEGISLATIVE SERVICE Lower House, Caroline County, 1779-1780, 1782-
1783 (elected, but did not attend).
LOCAL OFFICES: justice, Caroline County, 1779-at least 1785 (out of the county), commissioned 1793 and 1794; justice, Orphans' Court, Caroline County, 1781 -at
least 1785.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: 26 slaves, 1776; assessed value £1,165.0.0, including 20 slaves and 60 oz. plate, 1783; 37 slaves, 1790; paid a debt of £754.0.0 owed by the estate of his wife's former husband who had been cosecurity on an unpaid bond, thereby attaining the right to collect from the other two securities or their heirs.
LAND AT FIRST ELECTION: 1,052 acres in Caroline and Talbot counties (771 acres through his marriage, 281 acres by purchase), plus a 99- year lease in Dorchester County, acreage unknown, held with his brother Joseph Daffin (?-1796).
SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN LAND BETWEEN FIRST ELECTION AND DEATH held the same 99- year lease, but in his name only, 1786; acquired an additional 373 acres in Talbot County through his marriage, by 1783; purchased or resurveyed at least 218 acres in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot counties between 1786 and 1791; sold at least 12 acres in Dorchester
County between 1787 and 1790.
administration bond granted November 19, 1794, in Caroline County.
PERSONAL PROPERTY TEV, £2,283.16.9 current money (including 30 slaves and books); FB, £145.2.5. LAND: at least 1,496 acres in Talbot, Caroline, and Dorchester counties.

DAFFIN, JOSEPH (?-1796).

BORN: probably in St. Mary's County, of age by 1775.
NATIVE: at least second generation.
RESIDED: in Dorchester County, 1775; Transquakin Hundred, Dorchester County, 1776.

FATHER. George Daffin, of St. Mary's County.
MOTHER: Susannah, widow of William Aisquith (?-ca. 1741), of St. Mary's County.
BROTHERS: Charles Daffin (?-1794); John, who probably died without progeny; and George, who died without progeny.
HALF BROTHERS: William Aisquith (?-1804), of Baltimore County; Thomas Aisquith (ca. 1740-ca. 1770), who died without progeny.
HALF SISTERS: Mary Aisquith (?-by 1770), who married (first name unknown) Piercy; Ann Aisquith, who married Nicholas Sherwood; and Susannah Aisquith, who married David Hellen. MARRIED in 1775 Elinor (ca. 1738-1793), daughter of Col. Joseph Ennails (1702-1759) and wife Mary; granddaughter of Joseph Ennalls (?-1709); niece of William Ennalls (?-1731), Bartholomew Ennalls (ca. 1700-1783), Elizabeth Ennalls (?-by 1739), who married
Charles Goldsborough (1707-1767), and Mary Ennalls, who married Henry Hooper (ca. 1687-1767).  Her brothers were John Ennalls (by 1746-1778); William Ennalls (?-1785). Her sisters were Mary (?-by 1766), who married David Murray; Ann (Nancy) (1750-1803), who married Thomas Muse; and Elizabeth. Her first cousins were Joseph Ennails (ca. 1745-1779); Henry Hooper, Jr. (ca. 1727-1790); Robert Goldsborough (1733-1788);  Mary Ennalls, who married Ennalls Hooper (?-ca. 1763); Ann Ennalls (ca. 1729-by 1790), who married Henry Hooper, Jr. (ca. 1727-1790); and Elizabeth Greenberry Goldsborough (ca. 1731-1820), who married William Ennalls (?-1785).
CHILDREN. Died without progeny.

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Anglican, Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester County.
SOCIAL STATUS AND ACTIVITIES:  Gent., 1778; Esq., 1786.
OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE: merchant, in partnership with his brother Charles Daffin (?-1794), by 1775.
LEGISLATIVE SERVICE: Lower House, Dorchester County, 1777-1778, 1793. LOCAL OFFICES. Committee of Observation, Dorchester County, elected 1775; justice, Dorchester County, ca. 1783-1788 (did not qualify in 1788); trustee for the poor, Dorchester County, appointed 1785 (refused to serve); justice, Orphans' Court, Dorchester County, 1786-1788 (did not qualify in 1788); Great Choptank Parish Vestry, Dorchester County, in office 1788-1790, 1790-1792, 1795.
MILITARY SERVICE captain, by 1776; major, by 1786; colonel, by 1795.
STANDS ON PUBLIC/PRIVATE ISSUES manumitted several slaves in his will, requesting that those slave families not manumitted be kept as closely connected as possible.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: 40 slaves, 1776; assessed value £1,883.11.8, including 43 slaves and 35 oz. plate, 1783.
LAND AT FIRST ELECTION: 644 acres in Dorchester County (all acquired through marriage). SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN LAND BETWEEN FIRST ELECTION AND DEATH: purchased 150 acres in St. Mary's County, date unknown; acquired 800 additional acres in Dorchester County, which his wife inherited from her brother John Ennalls (by 1746-1778), ca. 1780. At his wife's death Daffin became heir to one-fourth part of 11,009 acres in Dorchester County, which he would have inherited through the Ennalls family after the death of his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Greenberry Goldsborough Ennalls (1731-1820). Elizabeth outlived him, however, and he never obtained actual possession of this land.
DIED: will probated on June 27, 1796, in Dorchester County.
PERSONAL PROPERTY: size of estate unknown.
LAND: 1,601 acres in Dorchester and St. Mary's counties, plus a lot in Cambridge and a water lot in Vienna, Dorchester County.
Daffin appears to have been a man of colorful language. In explaining why he did not leave more land to a nephew who already had a large estate, he told his executor that he did not "think it worthwhile to greese a fat Sow in the Arse." In his will Daffin manumitted several slaves, bequeathing them to themselves and the devil, the prince of darkness, or the Knight of LaMancha. Daffin even provided an expense account for one of the slaves to be used during his journeys through the plutonian regions. This apparently was a ruse to ensure
that no other person would interfere with their freedom.