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Edmondson Family

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William V.E. Edmondson and his daughter, Emma V. Edmondson, and her family played a prominent role in the town's history.  An ancestor John Edmondson was one of the earliest owners of land to the west of East New Market and protected land for the Choptank Indians.

1854-1855 Diary of Emma Edmondson

East New Market - by Emma Edmondson Jacobs 1902

The Edmondson House at 9 Main Street, East New Market

Some of the old correspondence was to and from the Edmondson family.

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"And in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Dec. 13, 1848, Dr. W. V. Edmondson of East New Market, Md., gives an account of a gentleman or that vicinity, aged eighty-five years, who had lived, eschewing all nourishment except air and water for forty-three days, and five hours.  His bowels were moved the first twenty days once; the next fifteen days twice; the remaining eight days three times.  He had been indisposed some ten days prior to the period of fasting.  He was a man of industrious habits, frugal, and temperate."