East New Market

Notable People and Families

Francis Asbury Newton

F.A. Newton, 1848-1922, was a farmer, and former postmaster of East New Market.  Newton was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1880 as one of two Republican delegates out of a total of three elected from the county (usually a democratic stronghold).  Never marrying and with no known issue and though not known at the time, Newton is one of the earliest now known members of the Maryland House of Delegates who was in fact “gay” as confirmed later by family members.  After serving his term as delegate he did not seek re-election but moved to Baltimore City working as a commission-man (a merchant specializing in the purchase of produce directly from producers or their agents for resale in the wholesale market) in the Baltimore area.  He remained in Baltimore City returning only on a regular annual family visit until just prior to his death in 1922 at the home of his niece Susan Stephens Hurley, nee Newton.