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Charles Hughes & Maria

See also Sarah Young, Clement Young, George Young, Rosette & Peter Dodson, Samuel Green.

Since Henry Nicols refers to Maria as a negro girl rather than woman in his Will, she is thought to have been relatively young at the time.  Perhaps she was to gain her freedom at a certain age, such as 16 or 21.  Henry Nicols freed several slaves in his Will.  The item that frees Maria is followed by another item that frees George.  Later in the Will, we learn that George is a child of Sarah Young.  Perhaps Maria is also a child of Sarah Young.

1 THH 27 - 15 March 1832 / 21 March 1832 - Will of Henry Nicols
Item - I give and bequeath unto Emily A. Green, daughter of Nathanial E. Green, negro girl Maria to serve her until the first day of January 1841, who shall then be free.

Searching the 1850 Census in Dorchester County for a black woman named Maria who was born between 1810 and 1830, several possibilities were found.  Some of the more likely possibilities were Ann Maria (b. 1827), wife of Stephen Camper; Maria (b. 1815), wife of Joe Cephus; Maria (b. 1824), wife of Charles Hughes; and Maria (b. 1810), wife of Robert Stanley.  Some of the negroes listed in the Will of Henry Nicols lived near and were associated with the Camper, Cephus, Hughes, and Stanley families. 

2 WJ 114 - 20 August 1844 - Sarah Young, Rossett M Dodson & Peter Dodson, her husband, Clem Young & Rossett, his wife, and George Young to Jeffry Stanley, William Parker, Clem Young, Richard Moore, Peter Dodson, Charles Hughes, and Samuel Green, Trustees for the colored peoples Methodist Episcopal Church for East New Market...

Charles Hughes lived on property near Creamery Road in East New Market.  This is near some of the land that Sarah Young was bequeathed.  The Camper, Cephus, and Stanley families also lived nearby.  However, Stephen Camper, Joe Cephus, and Robert Stanley were not individuals known to be specifically associated with the local area.  In addition, Maria, the wife of Charles Hughes would have been about 16 years old on the 1st of January 1841. 

The data provided is far from conclusive that the Maria mentioned in the Will of Henry Nicols is the daughter of Sarah Young and/or is the wife of Charles Hughes.  However, these conclusions are a "best guess" at this time considering the limited information available.

1850 Census, Dorchester County, 7 September 1850
Dwelling #1222, Household #1225
name		age	color	occupation	place of birth
Charles Hughes	35 	black 	laborer		Maryland
Maria		26 	black			Maryland
W.H.		 6 	black			Maryland
John		 5	black			Maryland
Sarah		 4	black			Maryland
Charlesinca	 3	black			Maryland
Josephine	 2	black			Maryland
Nancy		1m	black			Maryland

1852-1864 Tax Record - Dorchester County
Charles Hughes

house & lot 5 1/2 acres $150

Since Maria is not listed with Charles Hughes in the 1860 Census, she likely passed away before 1860.  She may have died in childbirth when Cyrus/Silas was born in 1858.

1860 Census, Dorchester County
Dwelling #741, Household #706
name		age	color	occupation	place of birth
Charles Hughes  40 	black 	laborer	 	Maryland  
Ann Hughes      13 	black 			Maryland 
John Hughes     19 	black 			Maryland 
Harrison Hughes  5 	black 			Maryland 
Cyrus Hughes     2 	black 			Maryland

1867-1876 Tax Record - Dorchester County
Charles Hughes (colored)
1869 - part of Carthagenia 9 acres $180

1870 Census, Dorchester County
Dwelling #336, Household #246
name		age	color	occupation	place of birth
Charles Hughes  53	black 	laborer		Maryland 
Nina Hughes     18 	black 			Maryland
Silas Hughes    17 	black 	laborer		Maryland 
Harrison Hughes 15 	black 	laborer		Maryland

1876 Tax Record - Dorchester County
Charles Hughes (colored)
Dwelling house & lot in ENM 5 acres - $250
2 hogs - $10, 1 bed & H furniture $25
Total $285

1880 Census, Dorchester County
name		age	color	occupation	birth    father	mother
Charles Hughes	55	black	farmer		Maryland   MD	MD
Nina Hughes	30	black			Maryland   MD	MD
John E. Hughes	 9	black			Maryland   MD	MD
Ella E. Hughes	 4	black			Maryland   MD	MD
Robinson Thornton 35	black			Virginia   VA	VA