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Johnson Family

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In the mid-1860s, Levi S. Johnson bought a house and lot at the northeast corner of the main intersection in East New Market from Mary Bramble.  In 1866, he was assessed for the following property, House & lot from Mrs. Bramble $1600, 1 horse $100, 2 hogs $6, 2 beds $50, 1 bureau $10, other furniture $20, 1 carriage $75, Total $1861

In 1871 Alward Johnson acquired the property from Levi S. Johnson.  Alward Johnson died later that year.  He was born December 03, 1815, the son of Hambleton Johnson and Kiturah Moore. He married Mary Levin MacNamara 1836.  Mary Levin MacNamara was born in 1819, the daughter of Levin MacNamara, 2nd and Mary Robinson.  Alward and Mary Johnson had twelve children.  Alward died August 6, 1871 in what was to become Secretary, Maryland.   Mary died April 18, 1887 in Washington, DC.

Alward was active in Maryland politics, having served two terms in the Legislature, and was a member of the Constitutional Convention, for Revising the Laws of Maryland.  He was a farmer, a large slave owner, a builder of shipyards and vessels.  After Alward Johnson died in 1871, his corner property in East New Market went to his son Elbridge Smith Johnson.   The dwelling house, storehouse and lot were valued at $1600. Elbridge Smith Johnson was born February 25, 1848.  He married Margaret Webster on January 9, 1874.    After his father died, Elbridge S. Johnson ran a store in East New Market.  In 1872, his stock in trade was valued at $2000.  He was also the co-owner and President of the Choptank Steamship Line (1882-1895).  His ships include the Choptank, the Cambridge, and the Tred Avon home port of Baltimore.

In 1876 was assessed for a dwelling house & store house combined in East New Market - $2200, land from John S. Spencer 20 acres - $120, a Schooner "Nettie" 69 tons - $2500, notes of hand & judgments - $628, 3 horses $250, 2 oxen $60, 3 cows $55, 10 sheep $30,
1 carriage $100, 1 cart $20, 3 beds $60, Lot H furniture $160, and 1 gold watch $40 for a total of $6,163.  Elbridge Johnson died on December 06, 1907 in Baltimore.  He is buried at East New Market Cemetery.