East New Market

Notable People and Families

Robert Traverse

First Postmaster of New Market

On 27 November 1802, Robert Traverse married Sarah White in Dorchester County. 

In May 1803 Robert Traverse purchased an L-Shaped lot that had frontage on the east side of Main Street and the south side of Railroad Avenue.  The part of the lot that fronted Main Street was the site of the building now known as the Trading Post.  He sold the lot to Thomas Webster in February 1812.  When he sold the lot, Robert and his wife, Sally acknowledged the sale.

New Market's first Post Office was opened in November 1803 with Robert Traverse as the Postmaster.

Robert Traverse purchased the Haskins-Houston House from Henry Haskins in 1807.  He purchased the lot adjoining to the south in 1811.

Robert Traverse was listed in the 1810 Census as a male age 26 to 44, with his wife, Sarah Travers, a female age 26 to 44, and with likely children, 1 male age 16-26, 1 male age under 10 and 2 females age under 10.

In 1812, the property to the north of the Haskins-Houston House was described as beginning at the corner of Robert Traverse's Currying House and ending at the corner of his garden.

In 1814, he advertised his valuable property for sale in the Republican Star of Easton.  The following detailed description of his property was provided:  "The subscriber will sell at private sale, all his property, viz: the house and lots in the village of New Market, where he resides, containing a dwelling house 28 by 37(?) feet, with two rooms and a passage on the lower floor, three rooms and an entry on the next floor, store and a lodging room in the garret; entry, kitchen, octagon mill house, stables sufficient to hold five horses, carriage house and corn house - with an excellent garden containing a variety of shrubbery raspberries in great abundance, goose berries, currants, and a large quantity of flowers in high cultivation.  On the same lot, a store house nearly new, 30 by 26 feet, with a store room, compting room, and currying shop, all finished complete, with an excellent cellar; Lombardy poplars and locust trees planted on the front and south side of the dwelling house.  Also one unimproved Lot adjoining the same, 3/4 of an acre in high cultivation.  Any person wishing to purchase the above property, may view the same, and know the terms, by applying to the subscriber, Robert Travers, New Market."

On 2 August 1814, Robert Travers married Catherine Owens in Dorchester County.  On 23 August 1815 Robert Travers married Polly Adams in Dorchester County.

Robert Travers was one of the Dorchester County residents who engaged the British in February 1815 at the Battle of the Ice Mound near James Island.  In March of 1815, Robert Travers sold the Haskins-Houston House to John Newton.

In 1816, the Tanyard was advertised for sale.  This property for many years past was occupied by Mr. Robert Travers.  The yard has every necessary improvement, all of which are in good order.  A description is unnecessary, as those inclined to rent, will no doubt view the premises.  For terms, which will be liberal, apply to Mr. Robert Travers, on the premises.  The Tanyard was across the street from the Haskins-Houston House, where Robert Travers previously lived.  According to the newspaper notice, he must have lived at the Tanyard property for a number of years.