Allard Family

of Baltimore and New England

George Washington Harris

George Washington Harris and son, ChesterGeorge W. Harris was born 5 December 1869 in Lee County Virginia   He married Rennie Eliza Seale.  She was born 12 December 1880, the daughter of John K. Seale and Ms. Smith.

George and Rennie Harris had eleven children:

(1) Mattie Lee Harris was born 8 November 1898 in Lee County.  She married Hobert William Yeary.  He was born 29 May 1899.  He served in WWI.  They had several children including Louis Paul (1919), Hobert Jr. (1921), Mary Rennie (1924), and Mark L. (1927).  Mattie died 17 April 1984.  Hobert died in February 1967 in Tazewell, VA.

(2) Leonard Ernest Harris was born 19 January 1900 in Lee County.  On 30 August 1923, he married Labelle Glaybell Long in Roanoke, VA.  They had several children including: Rufus Owen (1924-2006), Edna, Harold, Jeanette, Reba, and Thelma.  Leonard died 25 December 1981 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, KY.

(3) Mary Florence Harris was born 15 January 1902 in Lee County.  She married Alonzo Jason Bowen on .  Alonzo and Mary had five children who lived to adulthood: Anna Lee, Ruth Margaret, Leonard Daniel, Hugh Kyle, and Betty Marie.  They also had two children who died as infants Harold, and Arthur B.  Alonzo also had a child named Eppie by a previous marriage.  Mary Florence Harris died on 20 May 1987 in Aquasco, Maryland.  She is buried in Waldorf, Maryland.

(4) Gracie Harris was born 15 November 1904 in Lee County.  She died on 19 November 1982 in Beaver, PA.

(5) Thomas Bennett Harris was born 12 November 1906 in Lee County.  He married Julia Gertrude Phelps (1910-2007).  They had three children.  Bennett died on 11 September 1980 in Latrobe, PA.

(6) Smith Harris was born around June 1909 in Lee County.  He died young.

(7) Earl Harris was born on 20 October 1914 in Lee County.  He died on 5 March 1984 in East Liverpool, Ohio.

(8) Ruby Harris was born in 1912 in Lee County.

(9) Paul Harris was born on 23 October 1916 in Lee County.  He died on 21 June 1975 in Hammond, IN.

(10) Ollie M. Harris was born on 2 January 1919 in Virginia.  She died on 22 September 1992 in Kettering, OH.

(11) Chester Silas Harris was born 6 June 1922 in Lee County.  He died on 28 December 1990 in East Liverpool, OH.

The Census records for George W. Harris are as follows:

1870 U.S. Federal Census (image 27, sheet 27)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals Township, Jonesville P.O. 
                     age    born        occupation
Hiram Harris          36    Lee Co. VA  works on farm
Martha                25    Lee Co. VA
George W.              9m   Lee Co. VA                 born in Dec.
1880 U.S. Federal Census (image 19, sheet 19)
Lee County, Virginia, District 45
                     age    born  parents occupation
Hyram Harris          44     VA     VA    laborer
Martha        wife    28     VA     *              *father KY/VA mother AL
Geo. W.       son     11     VA     VA
Mary J.       dau      9     VA     VA
R.C.          son      7     VA     VA
R.E.          son      4     VA     VA
1900 U.S. Federal Census (image 14, sheet 7)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals District
                     age    born  parents occupation birthdate   married
George Harris         30     VA     VA    farmer     Dec 1869    4 years
Rena E.       wife    20     VA     VA               Dec 1879    4 years
Mattie L.     dau      1     VA     VA               Nov 1898
Leonard       son      3m    VA     VA               Feb 1900
Hiram         fath    68     VA     VA    farm labor Jun 1831    widow
1910 U.S. Federal Census (image 6, sheet 6)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals District
                     age    born  parents occupation             married
George Harris         40     VA     VA    farmer general farming 12 years
Renie         wife    29     VA     VA    (6 children, 6 alive)  12 years
Mattie        dau     11     VA     VA
Leonard       son      9     VA     VA
Mary          dau      7     VA     VA
Grace         dau      5     VA     VA
Bennett       son      3     VA     VA
Smith         son      12m   VA     VA
Earl          son      6     VA     VA
1920 U.S. Federal Census (image 12, sheet 6)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals District, Bishops Store Precinct 
                     age    born  parents occupation
George Harris         50     VA     VA    farmer on general farm
Reney         wife    39     VA     VA
Leonard       son     20     VA     VA    laborer on house farm
Gracie        dau     15     VA     VA
Bennett       son     13     VA     VA
Ruby          dau      8     VA     VA
Earl          son      6     VA     VA
Paul          son      3y2m  VA     VA
Ollie M.      dau      1
(rents, all white, born in Virginia, & all parents born in Virginia)
1930 U.S. Federal Census (image 22, sheet 11)
Garrard County, Kentucky
                     age    born  parents occupation
George W. Harris      58     VA      VA   farmer       widow married 28 years
Earl             son  16     VA      VA   farm laborer
Paul             son  13     VA      VA
(rents, can read/write)

Rennia E. Harris died 12 March 1923 in Lee County.  George W. Harris died 9 July 1936 in Garrard County, Kentucky.  They are buried near Russell Chapel Methodist Church.  George's gravestone incorrectly states he was born in 1870 instead of 1869