Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

Annual Fee & Fiscal Year

The main reason why Oxford Place has been able to keep such a low annual fee compared to other neighborhoods is that we do not contract out any of the management of the association.

The Oxford Place Property Owners Association has collected 100% of the annual dues owed to the neighborhood for since the association was formed in 2001 with only four exceptions.

Six months after the association was created, a lot owner sold his lot without paying $45 owed.  The board decided not to pursue collection from the new owner.  In 2003 a property went into foreclosure without the owner paying the annual fee.  When the bank took over ownership, we had little recourse.  In 2007, the same property went into foreclosure with different ownership.  The bank has again taken over the property and we have not been able to collect the annual fee.  Also in 2007, another homeowner did not pay the annual fee.  This is currently being pursued through the legal system.

Please pay your annual fee in a timely manner.  When a property owner does not pay by the deadline, a volunteer has to write a personal letter requesting payment.  This takes a great deal of time.  If you are unable to serve the community this year at least be considerate of the time volunteered by your neighbors. 

The Oxford Place Neighborhood Association relies on volunteers to keep the annual dues as low as possible.  Please consider volunteering to serve on the board, or the landscaping committee.  Below is list of the annual fee assessed since the association was created.

In 2002 the neighborhood was still receiving support from the developer.  In 2003, the neighborhood hired an inexpensive landscaper, but eventually had to cancel his services because funds were low and needed elsewhere.

Per the Oxford Place Bylaws "the fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day of December of every year".  Traditionally, the board has collected the annual fee with a due date in April or May.


Val Wenzel