Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

ATV & 4 Wheeler Concerns

Homeowners have expressed concern and frustration about ATVs & 4 wheelers being driven on the rear part their properties along the power lines.  This type of activity frequently occurs along the power lines between East and West.  Some residents did not realize Oxford Place residents own the land up to the power lines.

Various utility companies have an easement along the power lines and need access, but Oxford Place residents actually own the land and would have to grant permission for others to ride on their property.  Driving ATVs on someone else's property without permission is prohibited by law, but this is not covered by the C&Rs and therefore is beyond the scope of the Property Owner's Association.  We suggest that concerned residents talk to the ATV drivers, post no-trespassing signs, and if the problem continues consider taking up the matter with local law enforcement. 

ATV Photo