Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

Sign Restrictions

We have recently had a few questions about what types of signs are allowed in Oxford Place and where they can be anchored.  Signs advertising anything but real estate in front of the property for sale are prohibited in the Oxford Place subdivision.  Item 20 of the Oxford Place Covenants and Restrictions, explains the rule for signs.

The Oxford Place Property Owner's Association reserves the right to post a sign in each median to announce the annual meeting or any special association meetings.

At a meeting held in February 2002, a builder and real estate agent asked us to explore exceptions to Item 20 with the residents in attendance.  The 40 or so neighbors in attendance strongly voiced that we did not want to make any exceptions to this rule in the C&Rs.  The attendees made it clear that Oxford Place does not want to allow directional signs at intersecting streets or in the median or near the entrance monuments.  Afterwards an abundance of signs were removed from the entrances and the medians of the neighborhood.

Note that the C&R sign regulations also apply to individual lots in the neighborhood.  Advertisement signs are prohibited except for signs no more than 4 feet x 4 feet advertising the sale of real estate.  Signs that are prohibited include signs advertising a product you are selling, signs advertising a company completing construction on your house, a sign about the person doing your landscaping, political signs, signs advertising your church or club, etc.

In 2006, Andy Merriman, Town Planner, provided some guidance on the Fort Mill sign ordinance.  Any sign of any size placed in a public right-of-way is illegal.  That includes the myriad of real estate signs that line town roads every weekend, political signs that show up every couple of years, church signs that are too close to the road, even yard sale signs.  Signs that are in violation of the ordinance now are subject to a $100 fine per sign.

More information about preventing sign litter, can be found at Citizens Against Ugly Street SPAM (CAUSS).


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