Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2009 Annual Meeting Newsletter

The Oxford Place annual meeting will be held on Thursday, March 5 at 7:30pm at Doby’s Bridge Presbyterian Church. Please attend. The 2009 board will present the annual budget. We will also be seeking volunteers for the architectural review committee and the landscaping committee.

We hope to have a representative from Duke Energy attend. Duke Energy wants to extend the current right of way of the existing power transmission lines to 124 feet on the Oxford Place East side. The new 100 ft tall towers will serve as feeder lines for development in Indian Land. This right of way will result in clearing of vegetation, loss of acreage, and may require a pool to be filled in.

If a quorum is present, we may vote on (1) median lighting, (2) picnic tables, and (4) additional park amenities. Otherwise, we will include a ballot with the annual invoice. Board members are taking a close look at the landscaping contract and making sure any items to be voted on are low cost and include volunteer efforts. At the elections meeting some homeowners suggested increasing the annual fee to add amenities. Others suggested reducing the annual fee. The 2009 board opposes raising the annual fee and will keep the fee at $245. This fee has been in place for four years and is comparatively low compared to other neighborhoods. The fee allows Oxford Place to pay for electricity, insurance/legal/administrative expenses, maintenance/improvement of common areas, and other unexpected expenses. Passing items will be prioritized by votes. If $245 is not sufficient to fund an approved item, the item will be put off until the next year.

Successful Election Meeting

Although we did not reach a quorum of 30% of properties represented, the meeting was very successful. Kim Knapik, Kathy Sandvoss, and Jay Schwartz offered to continue to serve on the board. Patrick Ratliff and Chris Watts volunteered to fill the other two positions. With five volunteers nominated for five positions, we will start 2009 with a full complement of board member. If a quorum is not present at the annual meeting, we will include a ratification ballot with the annual invoice.

Kim Knapik       803-746-7196 
Patrick Ratliff  704-222-5805
Kathy Sandvoss   803-233-3668 
Jay Schwartz     803-548-2929
Chris Watts      803-230-7061 
email = oxfordplace@gmail.com

Volunteers Improve Playground

If you haven’t stopped by the playground lot lately, you should. After our volunteer day on January 10, the equipment area looks great. We extend our appreciation to Kathy Sandvoss for coordinating the project with project leader Geoff Eastman. Myles Rahalewicz, Frank Collins, Brooke Tunstall, Mike McGady, Winston O’Reggio, Brad Sturkey, Jay Schwartz, Keith Sandvoss, Bob Katz, and Sam Treadway deserve special thanks for installing the borders and moving a few tons of mulch. Also thanks to Kathy Sandvoss and Glenda Sandman for providing refreshments.

We would also like to thank Keith Sandvoss for pressure washing the playground equipment last October and Roger Guchone for repairing the swing.