Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2002 Spring Newsletter

Introducing the 2002 Board Members

Spring is in the air and it is time for the next Oxford Place newsletter. The five members of the Homeowners board are looking forward to serving the community this year. We share the same goal as all residents and future residents – making Oxford Place an exceptional place to live.

Frank Collins         547-xxxx   1026 Croyden Court
Heather Ratliff (704) 540-xxxx   building on Lot 67 Doe Ridge Lane
Maureen Reavis        802-xxxx   218 Oxford Place Drive
Peggy Reitz           802-xxxx   417 White Chapel Court
Dan Warren            802-xxxx   building on Lot 95 Cabin Creek

If you have any questions or concerns about neighborhood issues, please give any one of us a call or you can email us at OxfordPlace@Elvis.com. We are here to serve the community. Also email us if you would like to be included on an Oxford Place email address list. We may occasionally send out an email message if something eventful is happening in the neighborhood (meeting reminders, news, etc.)

Let there be light…

York Electric Cooperative stated that the installation of the remaining street lights (on Savile and Cabin Creek) will begin by the end of April. After previous delays, we are crossing our fingers on this. York Electric Cooperative will fix any existing lights that are not working when they install the new ones.

Homestead Land and Timber has restated their commitment to provide lighting for our entrance signage. Maureen Reavis is currently working with Treva McCain to set up a timetable.


We have contracted with Phill’s Lawn Maintenance to maintain our common areas. The contract runs for a year at $416 a month. Recently some of the excess plants in the West median were replanted near the East entrance signage. This fixed two problems at once. In mid-April we provided $200 in additional funds to plant flowers and few more plants by the entrance signage. This planting will occur soon. Nancy Allred at 623 Kingston Way has agreed to work with the landscaper to help him serve the needs of our neighborhood. If you would like to help Nancy form a Garden club or have concerns you want to relay to Phil’s Lawn Maintenance, please contact Nancy at 547-3826.

Budget and Assessments…

At the meeting held in February, the community approved a $100 annual assessment. At the meeting, the previous board referenced collecting this assessment semi-annually. After careful consideration of the time and effort involved and the amount of the assessment, the new board has decided to collect the assessment in one annual payment due on May 15. You will find an invoice enclosed with this newsletter. If a single annual payment will cause you undue hardship or complication, we can accept a $50 payment on May 15 and bill you for the remaining $50 on September 15. The owner of record as of April 1, 2002 is responsible for the 2002 assessment.

As of April 1, 2002, we have collected the initial assessment for 101 of the 108 properties in Oxford Place. We will be attempting to personally contact the owners of the remaining 7 lots by the end of April. Of the 7, only 1 currently lives in Oxford Place. The other 6 are lot owners. Three of the seven have also failed to pay their 2001 York County property tax. Board members have received the message from many property owners that it is not fair when most pay while a few have not. Unless there is a good reason, we will assess late fees and collection fees. Further nonpayment may result in a simple lien for which the property owner will be responsible for all cost and fees involved.


At the meeting of all property owners held on last day of January a few property owners asked for a new copy of the bylaws with the one revision approved at the previous meeting. The revision was the addition of item (f) to Article IX, Section 2. Rather than spending money on postage and photocopying for this sizable document, we will make the bylaws available by request. If you would like a MSWord copy of the bylaws, please send an email to OxfordPlace@Elvis.com. We will send the Bylaws as an attachment to you within 7 days of the request. If you do not have access to email or word processing software, feel free to call any of the board members and we can arrange to send you a paper copy. We will have paper copies at our next meeting. The next meeting of all property owners will likely be held in September or October.

Architectural Review…

At the meeting of all homeowners, four volunteers stepped forward to form the 2002 Architectural Review Committee. The new members bring a wealth of building knowledge to the committee. The committee looks forward to working with all property owners that have building needs. Please contact any member of the committee if you have a project you are planning or just need some advice.

Laura Bradford       802-xxxx   628 Kingston Way
Roger Guchone        547-xxxx   603 Kingston Way
Andrea Hofacre (704) 391-xxxx   building on lot 56, Doe Ridge Lane
Johnny Webster       802-xxxx   building on lot 1, Oxford Place Drive

Per item 27 of the Covenants and Restrictions - No construction, reconstruction, remodeling or alteration or any building, improvement, or structure shall be commenced without prior written approval. Basically the architectural review committee wants to make sure plans meet the conditions of the C&Rs (square footage, 90% brick, stone, stucco, cement drive, etc.) and some other common sense guidelines (not a duplicate of house next door, etc.). All Oxford Place property owners buy lots with these conditions in place and want to protect home values. The members of the Architectural Review committee will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns. We are all looking forward to the speedy completion of the neighborhood.


At some point Homestead Land and Timber will turn the deed to the playground area over to the Homeowners association. At that point, we may owe property taxes on the lot. All other common areas are easements, thus we do not owe property tax on them. Hopefully, the amount of the property tax on the playground lot will be minimal. If not, we may have to address this at the next neighborhood meeting.

Maybe our next meeting of all property owners can be more of a neighborhood party. We could all gather on a sunny Saturday at the playground and meet each other. Sounds like fun. Have a terrific summer.