Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2004 Spring Newsletter 

Successful Meeting…

Thank you for your attendance and support at the Oxford Place Neighborhood Meeting and get-together. The 18 plus inches of snow on February 27 was spectacular. Fortunately the snow melted quickly and Doby’s Bridge Presbyterian Church was allowed us reschedule the meeting on March 18th. The meeting was very productive, started on time, and actually ended a little early. Like many of our Oxford Place Neighborhood meetings about 1/3 of the properties were represented. In addition to the agenda items, the board addressed several excellent questions from residents.


The Oxford Place Board put several landscaping proposals on the table at the neighborhood meeting. The attendees debated (1) turning entrance maintenance over to the four entrance property owners, (2) making entrance area improvements (wells, irrigation, landscaping) which temporarily increases the annual fee, and (3) other landscaping proposals that fell somewhere in between. In the end the decision was unanimous. All in attendance agreed that we should add a one time fee to the 2004 annual fee so that we can install wells, irrigation, and landscaping at the 4 entrance areas to Oxford Place this year. All in attendance also agreed that we should continue professional maintenance for the entrance areas and have neighborhood teenagers mow the recreation lot.

We sought volunteers join the landscaping committee and to spearhead the wells, irrigation, and landscaping implementation. The landscaping committee is as follows:

Jay Barham     404 White Chapel Court (704) 363-xxxx
Jayne Guchone  603 Kingston Way             547-xxxx
Darryl Neely  1030 Croyden Court            396-xxxx
Dan Warren    1226 Cabin Creek Court        802-xxxx

The bids for entrance wells and irrigation were reviewed and accepted. Work will begin immediately. The projected cost of the entrance wells and irrigation was right on target. We also believe the additional entrance landscaping and regular maintenance will be on target. The landscaping committee will meet to discuss landscaping ideas and gather several bids before making a recommendation.

For 2004, the total annual fee is $210. The neighborhood maintenance fee continues to be $150 and the one time entrance improvement fee is $60. An invoice is enclosed with the newsletter. The owner of record as of May 1, 2004 is responsible for the payment. The payment is due on May 15, 2003.

If you notice a problem with a street light near your house please call York Electric at (803) 684-4248. No need to report a street light problem to a board or committee member. York Electric is usually very prompt and repairs the street light within 2-3 days. If you notice a problem with a light or an entrance sign, please contact a board member or email us at OxfordPlace@Elvis.com.

The 2004 Board looks forward to serving the neighborhood this year. The following people volunteered to serve the communtity as board members for 2004:

Clif Armstrong    547-xxxx   1422 Doe Ridge Lane
Angie Bivens      547-xxxx   1059 Croyden Court
Frank Collins     547-xxxx   1026 Croyden Court
Bob Katz          802-xxxx    824 Savile Lane
Frank Reitz       802-xxxx    417 White Chapel Court 
Kristena Schwartz 548-xxxx    215 Oxford Place Drive

If you would like to serve on the board, attend meetings as an alternate, or serve on the landscaping committee or architectural review committee, we can still make room. Please call or email us.

Architectural Review...

At the annual meeting, we discussed the following from the Oxford Place Covenants and Restrictions:

14. ...Any recreational vehicle, boat, trailer or camper must be parked so as to be screened so that it cannot be viewed from nearby tracts or the street.

Those in attendance unanimously conferred that we should not make exceptions to this rule or others in the Oxford Place Covenants and Restrictions. We recently sent letters to three residents who may not have been aware of the Covenants and Restrictions. If you need a copy of the Oxford Place C&Rs please send an email to OxfordPlace@elvis.com or call a board member.

We also discussed another property that has long been in violation of the following C&R:

2. ...Once construction of a residence has commenced, the exterior thereof, including finished siding material, shall be completed within (6) months thereafter.

We regularly communicate with the owner of this property and will meet with him again in the near future. We have seen recent progress. We will continue to monitor the situation and prepare to take the next step. Property owners in continual violation of the C&Rs are subject to monthly fines and further action.

The members of the Architectural Review committee for 2004 are:

Laura Bradford  802-xxxx   628 Kingston Way
Roger Guchone   547-xxxx   603 Kingston Way
Jay Schwartz    548-xxxx   215 Oxford Place Drive
Johnny Webster  802-xxxx   202 Oxford Place Drive


Several residents complained that teenage drivers (and others) are speeding in the neighborhood. Please speak with the young drivers and be sure to set a good example by obeying the speed limit.


We still have a few copies of the 2003 neighborhood directory available. For those that have a copy of the 2003 directory, please email us at oxfordplace@elvis.com for an excel file with the 2004 updates.