Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2009 Spring Newsletter

Thank you to those who attended the 2009 Oxford Place Annual Meeting. Your input and participation is greatly appreciated. For those who were not able to attend, the topics that were discussed are summarized below:

Annual Fee & Ballot Items

The annual fee will remain at $245 for 2009. Please send your payment by April 30, 2009 to the Oxford Place Property Owners Association at P.O. Box 1283, Fort Mill, SC 29716. On the back of the enclosed invoice is a ballot to allow all homeowners the opportunity to vote on several items.

Duke Energy Right of Way

Eight representatives from Duke Energy attended the meeting to discuss their plans for the power line right-of-way that runs between Oxford Place East and Oxford Place West. Duke Energy wants to add a second set of power lines on the southeast side of the current power lines that run between the two sections of the neighborhood. Duke Energy wants to buy additional right-of-way from homeowners who live on the cul-de-sac on Oxford Place Drive and homeowners who live along one side of White Chapel Court. Duke Energy stated at the meeting that they will not be purchasing property, but will be buying the right to enter the rear part of these properties and remove all trees, and to fill in one homeowner’s pool. However, we later received a report that one homeowner received an offer to purchase a property outright.

If the trees are removed at the back of these lots, most residents of Oxford Place East will have a clear view of the existing power lines and the new power lines. The new power lines will be shorter than the existing power lines. However, the new power lines will have more poles, and will be closer to the homes in Oxford Place East. Board President Jay Schwartz made a proposal that instead of running new lines along this right-of-way, that Duke Energy should take advantage of another nearby right-of-way on vacant land near Oxford Place East. Although Duke Energy appeared receptive to the proposal, Trey Riggins of Duke Energy contacted Jay Schwartz on March 19th to inform him that Duke Energy will be proceeding with the original plan between Oxford East and West. Oxford Place and Lynwood Farms will be scheduling another meeting with Duke Energy in April. Make sure we have your email to receive a notification about the meeting. (send to oxfordplace@gmail.com).


New board member Chris Watts thoroughly evaluated our current landscaping contract and met with several landscapers. He discovered that our current landscaper, Shamrock Landscaping Inc., did not apply nearly as many bales of pine straw as they indicated they would in the contract. Shamrock has tentatively agreed to refund some of our money for the last two applications of pine straw. Chris Watts also obtained a bid from landscaper Big E&D Lawn Care Service. The contract bid from Big E&D came in at $2,000 less for the exact same services Shamrock was providing. Big E&D is licensed and bonded and are responsible for the excellent landscaping work in Beckenham. We extend our thanks to Chris Watts for his hard work and saving the neighborhood $2,000.

Median Lighting

Median lighting for Oxford Place has been a topic of discussion for over two years. Although several residents have expressed in interest in adding low-voltage median lighting for visibility and aesthetics, the estimates that we previously received were too large for our budget. Median lighting continued to be put on hold until we could find a lower cost alternative. Chris Watts completed research on various alternatives. For $1,000,York Electric is willing to install a single light post that matches our existing light posts in each median. In addition we would have a monthly payment of $20 per light pole. At the meeting, a concern was expressed that a tall light pole in our small medians would look out of place. Another alternative would be to rent a pavement saw, cut a seam along an existing road joint, and bring a low voltage wire to the medians. With neighborhood volunteers we could install the low voltage lighting using a pavement saw for about $1,100. The ballot contains an item about your preferences regarding lighting at the medians.

Recreation Lot Improvements

Some residents have expressed an interest in adding amenities to the recreation lot. Over the past year, Kathy Sandvoss has done extensive work meeting with contractors and other professionals to price out different alternatives. We have included several items on the ballot to determine the interest in adding different types of amenities. If we are able to save money on landscaping and are able to avoid professional fees for legal expenses this year, we will have a small amount of money available to improve the recreation lot. Items such as durable picnic tables, a two-seat swing, and a grill could be added if we achieve savings with our current budget.

Home Values

Properly maintaining the recreation lot, adding amenities, preventing Duke Energy from removing trees and filling in pools, using a reputable landscaper, and possibly addressing the medians will give us the opportunity to maintain/increase home values for the entire neighborhood. Even if you rarely visit the recreation lot or view the Duke Energy proposed right-of-way, these are important issues for our neighborhood. If we neglect landscaping, neglect the recreation lot, or neglect addressing the right-of-way issue, property values will fall. Please consider this when voting on the ballot items.

2009 Board Members

Call or email the 2009 board if you have any questions or concerns.

Kim Knapik       803-746-7196 
Patrick Ratliff  704-222-5805
Kathy Sandvoss   803-233-3668 
Jay Schwartz     803-548-2929
Chris Watts      803-230-7061 
email = oxfordplace@gmail.com

Treasurer Kim Knapik presented the neighborhood budget at the meeting. See the enclosed 2009 budget spreadsheet. Last year we were able to add low-voltage lighting to the entrance signs and to repair the playground equipment area at the recreation lot. These expenses used some of the money we had in reserves.