Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2001 Summer Newsletter

Introducing Your Board Members

It was a pleasure to see so many homeowners attend the initial homeowners meeting that was held on Thursday June 28, 2001.  During the meeting, the initial members of the Oxford Place Home Owners Board were nominated and appointed.  The board members are as follows:

Nancy Allred           623 Kinston Way        547-xxxx
Angie Bivens          1059 Croyden Court      547-xxxx
Frank Collins         1026 Croyden Court      547-xxxx
Geri Rucker           1055 Croyden Court      547-xxxx
Akim Staats            409 White Chapel Court 548-xxxx

Initial Meeting

At the first homeowners meeting many property owners asked questions, offered advice, and voiced their concerns about certain situations in the neighborhood.  We have also been approached with issues after the meeting.  The concerns most often cited involved a very small number of properties that have violated the covenants and restrictions.  We assume the violations were not intentional.  We will be contacting the property owners in the near future to make sure they are aware of the violation and will correct the situation.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the board at the above telephone numbers.  We have copies of the covenants and restrictions available for anyone who needs a copy.

Special Points of Interest:

Homestead, Penton Group, and Oxford Place Homeowners' Association all participate in the Architectural Review Committee.

Copies of the covenants and restrictions are available from any board member.

Remember to get approval from the Architectural Review Board for home/land changes.

We are currently working on a neighborhood directory and hope to have this available by out next full homeowners' meeting.

Architectural Review Board

On July 26, 2001 Angie Bivens and Frank Collins met with Lee Pence of the Penton Group and Treva McCain of Homestead Land & Timber.  We now have an agreement and a time table to turn over architectural review to the homeowners.  During the transition over the next several months, Treva McCain, Chris Barton (of the Penton Group) and two board members will act as the initial architectural review committee.  Sometime after the first of the year a committee consisting of only homeowners will replace the current committee.  The basic goals of the committee are to continue the diligent building of the neighborhood, assure that all plans meet the covenants and restrictions, to encourage the building of architecturally varied exceptional homes, and to protect the value of your home and property.  As a reminder - a home as well as a garage, shed, fence, or other structure needs to be approved by the architectural review committee.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Your Input Requested

Any ideas or suggestions that you have are most welcome.  Not only do we want to take care of any problems or concerns that might arise in Oxford Place, we also wish to find ways to make Oxford Place a friendly neighborhood.

Perhaps an end of summer or fall festival block party is in order?  Maybe you have an idea for a neighborhood watch program or a street little cleanup sponsorship program?  Do you have a creative solution for making the playground area atractive?

Please contact any of the board members with your ideas and suggestions.  Let's make our neighborhood one that we can be proud of and one where we can smile and wave hello to people that we know, not just pass by on the way to and from work.

Upcoming Items

At the next meeting of the board in August, the board members will draft the by-laws (sets the structure of the homeowners board), develop a budget, and come up with a pick-list of possible additions or changes to the covenants and restrictions.  We are currently collecting data on the cost of landscaping, insurance, and electricity for the common property owned by the neighborhood.  This property includes the entrance signage, the light poles, the large lot with a playground, and the walking trail between White Chapel and Cabin Creek Court.

In the near future, we will call a meeting of all homeowners to ratify the bylaws, to vote on the budget, and to vote on possible modifications to the covenants and restrictions.

More information about a second meeting of all homeowners will be available in the near future.

Minutes will be available for all board meetings including the July 26 meeting.  We would appreciate any input from our neighbors to make Oxford Place and exceptional place to live.