Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2009 Summer Newsletter

Ballot Results

Thank you to all of those residents who returned your ballots! The first ballot item was a ratification of the volunteers for the 2009 board. It was provided on the front of the 2009 annual fee invoice form. Residents have approved the appointments.

Item 1 on the back of the invoice was for the addition of lighting in the medians at each entrance. 60% of the residents voted against any type of median lighting, 38% voted for cutting the pavement, 15% voted for boring under the pavement, and 13% voted to have York Electric provide a light post in each median. Based on the results, there will be no further action by the current board to proceed with additional lighting

Item 2 on the back of the invoice was for adding amenities to the recreation lot. 51% of the homeowners voted to add additional amenities. The highest votes were received for the addition of picnic tables in the area. Based on this result, the board is moving forward with purchasing and installing the tables. Assembly and installation (which includes cement anchors) will be done by resident volunteers. Once a schedule is known, an email will be sent out to any volunteers willing to help. The budget for this will be approximately $1200 (as noted on the ballot). The current board will not be considering any other additions.

Item 3 on the back of the invoice was for feedback from residents on what the definition of unacceptable trailers, etc. should be. Lines 1 (mobile home), 2 (campers, RV’s) and 3 (large transport) were voted on by 74% of residents. In addition, line 6 (wheeled vehicle larger than 6ft that can be pulled..) received 53%. This vote result will not change the C&R’s, but will help provide guidance to the board on how to enforce.

Annual Dues

As of the mailing of this newsletter there are still 3 homeowners that have not submitted their dues. The board members are volunteers, and would prefer not to expend additional efforts on the collection of dues. Our neighborhood dues have remained at $245 for the past five years.

Landscaping Update

As was discussed at the homeowners meeting in April, the current contract with Shamrock for the landscaping has been reviewed and sent out for bids. Chris Watts has spent a considerable amount of time working with other potential landscapers along with Shamrock. The board has decided to stay with Shamrock, and the new contract will be $1800 less per year. In addition, Chris has negotiated a credit of $1300 for the past year after pine needles and flowers were evaluated. Great work Chris!

Neighborhood Gatherings

Last summer we had a couple great couple cul de sac parties and an ice cream social for the kids. These are great opportunities to get out and meet your neighbors. If you would like to help organize a function, please contact Kathy Sandvoss or any other member of the Board.

Recent Concerns

Several neighbors have expressed concerns regarding the speed limits and observing stop signs in the neighborhood. The posted speed limit is 25 mph. Please slow down and be sure to stop when a sign is present. If you witness violations of these items, contact the York County Sheriff with your concern and a license number.

Mystery Recreation Lot Repair

The board would like to thank the person or persons who repaired the washed away gravel on the recreation lot path. With all of the spring rain, the path was unable to handle the large amount of water in the short period of time. The board is discussing options for preventing this type of erosion in the future. If you have an idea, please contact us.

Landscaping Committee Volunteers

If you are interested in helping the neighborhood, please consider volunteering for the landscaping committee. For the current year, the board (mainly Chris) has been handling the issues. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

Duke Energy Right of Way

As was communicated in the last newsletter, and at the annual meeting Duke Energy has notified seven Oxford East homeowners that their property will be affected by the widening of the current right of way. This widening will allow a new set of power poles carrying 100,000Volts. Duke Energy is contacting each of the affected homeowners individually. No exact date or design for the project has been communicated at this time.

2009 Board Members

Call or email the 2009 board if you have any questions or concerns.
Kim Knapik      803-746-7196
Patrick Ratliff 704-222-5805
Kathy Sandvoss  803-233-3668 
Jay Schwartz    803-548-2929
Chris Watts     803-230-7061 
email = oxfordplace@gmail.com

Oxford Place Website and Email

The Oxford Place POA needs your email address. Currently 86% of residents have provided us with an email address. Occasionally we send out time critical information on issues such as zoning hearings, neighborhood crime, garbage company issues, lost/found pets, a rabid fox, announcements, postponements, maps & property info, etc. We will protect the privacy of your email address and will only email you with issues relating to the neighborhood. We will never send advertisement. Please send email to oxfordplace@gmail.com to be added to this important mailing list.

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