Oxford Place   

Fort Mill, SC          

2006 Winter Newsletter

*** Annual Neighborhood Meeting ***

The Oxford Place annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21 at Doby’s Bridge Presbyterian Church at 7:25pm. Only 35% to 40% of the property owners have been represented at the the past three neighborhood meetings. The 2006 meeting is very important and could be a turning point for the neighborhood. We need at least 50% of the property owners to attend.

Doby’s Bridge Presbyterian Church is located 1 mile northwest of Oxford Place on Doby’s Bridge Road. We will open the doors at 7:00pm to allow time for property owners to meet their neighbors before the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

We need your input on several proposals. Residents recommended most of these proposals below. However, the board did add one or two extras to generate excitement and to further encourage all residents to attend the meeting.

Neighborhood Fee - Set the neighborhood fee to $260 per year or another agreed upon amount ($225 to $400).

Early Bird Savings - Residents who pay by a specified date would receive a $20 to $40 discount for paying early.

Entrance Lights - The lights have improved, but still need work. A proposal has been made to alter, redesign, or replace.

Entrance Landscaping - Various proposals (maintenance, flowers, protecting from trucks, etc.).

Tennis Court - Proposal to add a Tennis Court to the recreation lot.

Overgrown Lots - Proposal to revise C&Rs to require lot maintenance (67% of properties to amend C&Rs).

Gravel Driveways - Proposal to change C&Rs to allow residents to have gravel driveways. (same as above).

Bylaws Set Fines - Further redefine fines for C&R violations by type and duration. (50% of properties to amend Bylaws.)

Bylaws Fines Set- Enforce the Oct 2001 Bylaw Rider setting fines for all C&R violations at $50 per month. (10/01 quorum.)

Split East/West HOA - Proposal to divide East and West into two separate entities. (67% of properties to amend C&Rs).

East/West Sidewalk - Add a sidewalk from East to West along Doby’s Bridge Road.

Send an email to OxfordPlace@Gmail.com if you have any other topics you wish to discuss at the meeting. Also email us if you need a copy of the C&Rs or Bylaws. To save money, we will not be providing copies at the meeting unless specifically requested.

Homeowners Board Elections

We want to thank Clif Armstrong and Frank Reitz for their service to the community over the past two years. Unfortunately, due to extensive travel and out of town assignments, neither will be able to assist the board in 2006. Angie Bivens, Frank Collins, Bob Katz, and Libby Pretty have expressed a willingness to either serve on the Homeowners Board, assist the newly elected Homeowners Board, or take a well needed break. We are hoping that several new residents will step forward to serve on the Homeowners Board in 2006.

2005 Board Member Telephone Numbers...

Call us or email us at OxfordPlace@Gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns. Currently about 50% of neighborhood residents have sent us their email address. If you haven’t, please do so. Occasionally, we send out time critical information that can not wait for the next newsletter.

Clif Armstrong   547-xxxx  1422 Doe Ridge Lane
Angie Bivens     547-xxxx  1059 Croyden Court
Frank Collins    547-xxxx  1026 Croyden Court
Bob Katz         802-xxxx   824 Savile Lane
Libby Pretty     548-xxxx   611 Kingston Way
Frank Reitz      802-xxxx   417 White Chapel Court 

If it is impossible for you to attend the meeting this year, please email us at oxfordplace@gmail.com or call one of the board members. We want to make sure your voice is heard and we will accept proxy votes.