Frequently Asked Questions about Competitions:

Q.    Can I go to the locker room and help my daughter put on her skates?
A.     No.  When we have too many parents in the locker room the atmosphere becomes chaotic.  We have locker room moms assigned that can help the girls get dressed and put on their skates.  Part of their job is to help keep both the athletes and coaches calm and focused.

Q.    Is it okay to get rowdy and cheer for the girls as they get on the ice?
A.    Absolutely!  We ask parents to make as much noise as possible to encourage the team as they take the ice.  We also ask parents to show good sportsmanship and set an example for the girls.  We do not "boo" other teams or results.  Falls happen often in synchronized skating (even at the highest levels) and are not always the fault of the skater that falls.  The entire team is working together to achieve results so one athlete is not responsible for how a team performs.  We encourage the girls to focus on the performance and not the results.

Q.    Should I do my child's hair and makeup before the competition?
A.     No.  We want the hair and makeup to be uniform for the entire team, so the locker room moms will do hair and makeup.

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