East New Market

Tax Records

1862 Federal Assessment Record

Dorchester County Board of County Commissioners
Federal Assessment Record
Maryland State Archives C685-14
Collection District 1, Division 3

This federal assessment appears to be put in place to pay for the Civil War effort.  Below I have transcribed the records for East New Market.  The tax on a horse carriage was $1. Retailers were taxed if their gross annual receipts exceeded $1000.

List of Persons residing in Division No. 3 of Collection District No. 1 of the State of Maryland, liable to a tax under the laws of the United States and the amount thereof, as assessed by  L.E. Staughn Assistant Assessor.

Date  Name                   Licenses        Amt     Enumerated Articles

1 Sep M.S. Fletcher          Retailer        $10     1 Horse carriage  $75
      John E. Hooper         Physician       $10
      Tilghman Andrews                               1 Horse carriage  $75
      Ambrose A. Wilson                              2 Horse carriages $75
      Rev. John Hough                                1 horse carriage  $75
      Wm. V.M Edmondson      Physician       $10     1 horse carriage  $75
      James T. Jacobs        Physician       $10     1 horse carriage  $75
      J.A. Bramble & Bro.    Retailer        $10 
      Henry W. Houston       Physician       $10
      Geo. L. Stevens        7th Class Hotel $10
      John Q. Leckie         Retailer        $10
      George Staplefort                              1 horse carriage  $75
      Robert F. Thompson                             1 horse carriage  $75
      Elizabeth A. Thompson                          1 horse carriage  $75
      James R. Donoho                                1 horse carriage  $75
      John Webster                                   2 horse carriages $75
      Mrs. Harriet Dean                              1 horse carriage  $75
      Isaac H. Wright                                1 horse carriage  $75
      Wm T. Vickers                                  1 horse carriage  $75
      Saml Webster                                   1 horse carriage  $75
      John H. Fletcher                               1 horse carriage  $75
      Mrs. Deborah Thomas                            1 horse carriage  $75
1 Nov Samuel E. Collins                              5 Cattle (tax $1)
1 Dec Samuel E. Collins      Auctioneer      $8.33
      George L. Stevens      Retail Dealer   $4.17