East New Market

Tax Records

1864 Assessment List

Dorchester County Board of County Commissioners
Assessment List
Maryland State Archives C685-14
Election District 2

There were changes between the 1863 and the 1864 list, but they have not been noted at present.  The first number is the value of real estate and the second number is the value of the personal estate.  I will be highlighting changes, putting the data in table format and adding a comparison to 1860 Census data in the future.

East New Market Corporation - 17 June 1864

James A. Bramble 0/1500
Mary Bramble 900/1266
Jeremiah Bramble heirs 50/0
James A. Byus 800/0
Mary L. Collins 600/35
Elizabeth Collins 0/360
Peter Dodson 200/0
John Dean 1170/540
William VM Edmondson heirs1800/21090
Major S. Fletcher 4174/2987
Dr. John E. Hooper 2436/2055
William Hooper 1000/108
Dr. Henry W. Houston 1500/2646
William E. Harrison 700/0
Thomas Helsby 525/639
Emma V. Jacobs 800/0
James T. Jacobs, executor of W.V.M Edmondson 0/40270
Louisa LeCompte heirs 400/0
John Q. Leckie 1000/1805
Eugenia Manning 600/0
Dr. Anthony L. Manning 3050/685
George W. Manning 800/400
Roseline Manning 0/375
Nimrod Newton 350/64
Elizabeth Rawlings 200/35
Samuel Sewell's heirs 2400/0
Jeffery Stanley 500/128
Thomas K. Smith 0/205
James T. Smith 0/1325
Charles T. Willis 600/99