East New Market

Tax Records

1867 Assessment List

Dorchester County Board of County Commissioners
Assessment List
Maryland State Archives C685-14
Election District 2

The 1867 Assessment List is the last 19th century list that is broken down by East New Market Corporation.  Lists for District 2 exist for every year from 1868 to 1904 with exception of 1897.  Due to the large number on entries on these later lists and time limitations, I did not transcribe the District 2 Assessment Lists for 1868 through 1904.  For the 1867 list, there were changes from the 1866 list, but they have not been noted at present.  The first number is the value of real estate and the second number is the value of the personal estate.  I will be highlighting changes and putting the data in table format in the future.

East New Market Corporation - 20 June 1867

Mary Bramble 1360/0
James A. Bramble 0/310
Job W. Beckwith 0/5232
James A. Byus 1000/0
Joseph K. Bramble 0/330
Shadrach Carmine 0/120
William P. Conaway & wife 0/395
William Christopher 0/155
Frances H. Dean 0/233
John Dean heirs 3000/0
J. Kent Dukes 0/345
Rev. Edward G. Erwin 0/325
Mrs. Emma S.M. Edmondson 800/3243
Major S. Fletcher 6000/5774
Sarah Jane Helsby 950/0
William R. Hooper 0/210
John J. Hickman 0/190
William Hooper 1500/410
Dr. Henry W. Houston 2000/1860
Dr. John E. Hooper 2000/1115
William J. Hurley 0/335
William E. Harrison 600/0
Celia Hurlock 0/209
Sarah R. Hubbard nouns James H. Mears guardian 0/500
Thomas J. Hicks admin of George E. Stapleford 0/4770
Kendall M. Jacobs 0/325
Murphy & Jacobs 0/2000
Mrs. Harrington & Jones 0/200
James H. Jones 0/100
Levi S. Johnson 1600/261
Dr. James T. Jacobs 4320/5179
John Q. Leckie 1300/2199
Louisa Lecompte, Percy admr 1000/0
James M. Murphey 0/235
Dr. Anthony L. Manning 5800/0
Nimrod Newton 150/64
Wilbur F. Newton 0/100
John J. Purse 700/365
William Payne 0/233
Elizabeth Rawlings 300/50
James W. Rawlings & wife 250/60
Cassidy Rawlings 0/415
William S. Saxton 0/120
Thomas K. Smith 0/140
Jeffrey Standley 720/320
James T. Smith 700/1780
Capt. John H. Stewart 1600/1402
Samuel Sewell's heirs (Thomas J. Hicks, agent) 900/0
Elizabeth Stapleford 0/200
Charles T. Willis 1200/208
William Willoughby 0/195
Willoughby & Carmine 0/200