East New Market

Tax Records

1876-1896 Tax Record

Dorchester County Board of County Commissions
Assessment Record
Maryland State Archives CM421-48
Election District 2

The original 1876-1896 Tax Record for District 2 of Dorchester County is missing and apparently was not copied in any format before it went missing.  It was likely lost, taken, misplaced, or destroyed before the County Courthouse transferred the tax records to the Maryland State Archives.  The Archives show under the heading of Original County Records for Dorchester County, listings for Districts 1 through 13 with the exception of District 2.  Under the heading of County Agency Series on microfilm, the 1876-1896 tax record is listed for District 2.  However, after viewing the microfilm, I determined that microfilm substitutes the 1876 District 2 tax record for the missing 1876-1896 District 2 tax record.

If the 1876-1896 Tax Record for District 2 still exists, someone in Dorchester County likely borrowed it years ago.  Less likely is that the record is unlabeled or mixed in with another important record at the Maryland State Archives.  If anyone knows where this important record may be please contact me or the Archives.