East New Market

Tax Records

1911-1962 Tax Sale Papers

Dorchester County

The tax sale papers should contain valuable information for East New Market, since a number of local properties were to known to have been sold at tax sale.   I have not viewed or transcribed these papers, but plan to view the records from 1911 to about 1930 in the future.

Reference for the Maryland State Archives
Dates: 1911-1923
Box No.: 30
Description: 2-14, 16-17, 19-26
Accession No.: 2002/01/23
MSA No.: T3480-1
Location: OR/8/11/149

Dates: 1924-1933
Box No.: 31
Description: 27-33, 35-40
Accession No.: 2002/01/23
MSA No.: T3480-2
Location: OR/8/15/31

Dates: 1934-1962
Box No.: 26
Description: 41-43, 45-69
Accession No.: 2002/01/23
MSA No.: T3480-4
Location: OR/8/15/28