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IVORY (Euvery - Every)

Nicholas Ivory was transported to Northampton County, Virginia, before 1643, by Obedience Robins, who in that year obtained 450 A. of land for transporting into Virginia nine persons, one of whom was Nicholas Ivery, later spelled Ivory. In this group were also Henry Boston and Stephen Horsey, who later became two very prominent citizens of Somerset County, Maryland. Fifty acres was given to all who came to Virginia to settle, or to the person who transported settlers to Virginia.
Nicholas Ivory died intestate in Northampton County, Virginia, and his two little daughters, Margaret, born 1654, and Mary, born 1656, in Hungers Parish, Virginia, were transported to the Manokin section by Philip Berre, who claimed in 1662 the rights of 50 A. each for transporting himself, wife, two daughters, and the above children, Margaret and Mary Ivory, for which he received 400 A. of land. Lord Baltimore gave 50 A. to each settler who came into the Province to inhabit. Margaret and Mary Ivory were in what is now Somerset County before that county was formed in 1666.

Issue of Nicholas Ivory of Virginia:
i. Margaret Ivory, born July 27, 1654 in Hungers Parish,Northampton County, Virginia; transported to Maryland (now Somerset County) before 1662 by Philip Berre.
She married in Somerset County, Maryland, January 6, 1668, William Turpin. (q.v.)

ii. Mary Ivory, born February 5, 1656,in Machepong, In Accomac, Virginia; was transported to Maryland before 1662 by Philip Berre. She married in Somerset County, Maryland, May 24, 1674, Richard Chambers of Somerset County.

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Cavaliers and Pioneers, by Neugent, page 225.
Obedience Robins, Gent., of Northampton Co., Va., obtained 460 A. on 22 Mar. 1643, for transporting nine persons: Nicholas Ivery, Jno.Coleman, Henry Edwards, Arth.Whitehead, Jno.Ellis, Hen.Baston, Step.Horse, Thomas Chapman, Jno.Carter

Somerset, by Torrence, page 447
Nicholas Ivery was in Northampton County Virginia, before 1652. He was the father of (1) Margaret, born in Hungers Parish, Northampton County, Virginia, July 27, 1654; married in Somerset County, Maryland, January 6, 1668/9, William Turpin; married by John Winder, Justice. (2) Mary, born at Machepong in Accomac, Virginia, February 5, 1656/7; married in Somerset County, Maryland, May 24, 1674, Richard Chambers; married by Henry Boston. Justice.

Margaret and Mary Ivery (daughters of Nicholas Ivory) came to the Manokin settlement (later Somerset County) in 1662 with Philip Berry.

I. K. L., Somerset Court Records, Princess Anne, Md.
Margaret Ivory, daughter of Nicholas Ivory, born in Hungers, Va., 7th July, 1654. Mary Ivery, daughter of Nicholas, born in Machapong in Accomac, the 5th day of Feb. 1668.

Richard Chambers and Mary Ivory were joined in matrimony by Mr. Henry of Boston, one of his Lordships of the peace, of this county 24 May, 1676.

William Turpin and Margaret Ivory were married by Mr. John Winder, one of his Lordships Justices of ye Peace for Somerset County, ye sixteenth day of January, one thousand six hundred and sixty-eight.

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