The Delmarva Turpin's

by Mary Caroline Turpin Layton 9/13/1875 -3/4/1957

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I. First Generation - William Turpin

In 1661 William Turpin was transported into the Province of Maryland by Captain Luke Gardiner of St. Mary's County. By provincial law, new settlers of Maryland were entitled to receive fifty acres of land from the Lord Proprietorship upon their settlement in Maryland. William Turpin's land allotment was assigned to Captain Luke Gardiner to pay for William's transportation to the Province. In the same year, Captain Gardiner transferred this land to James Linsey.

William Turpin remained on the Western Shore of Maryland for several years. In 1664, Luke Gardiner and William Turpin were witnesses to a deed in St. Mary's County. This is the only record of William's signature and shows that he wrote his own name, spelling it "William Turpine". Other records spell his name "Turpin".

William later settled in Somerset County, Maryland, where he married Margaret Ivory on January 16, 1668. Margaret Ivory was the daughter of Nicholas Ivory of Northampton County, Virginia. She was born on July 7, 1654 in Hungers Parish, Virginia. Sometime before 1662, Nicholas, Margaret, and Margaret's sister, Mary were transported to Maryland. They lived in Manokin of present day, Somerset County.

No records have been found showing the year of death of William Turpin or the settlement of his estate. However, "cattle marks" of his children were recorded in 1685 signifying that his death probably occurred around this year. In the 17th century in most area, cattle and swine were raised in groups. "Cattle marks" were used to identify the owners. These marks were recorded at the local court house.

Soon after William Turpin's death, his widow married Miles Gray, a prominent early settler of Virginia and later Maryland. Miles Gray made gifts of both land and negroes to his step-children.

Issue of William and Margaret Turpin:

1. John Turpin, born in Manokin, August 17, 1671. On January 23, 1695 he married Rebecca Bainton. Later, he married Hannah Williams. He settled in Somerset County and left many descendents, one of whom built one of the earliest brick homes in Potato Neck, Somerset County. His descendents lived there for many generations.

2. Solomon Turpin, born in Manokin, November 9, 1673. (See Second Generation)

3. Mary Turpin, born in Manokin, November 25, 1675. She married Thomas Beauchamp, son of Edmund Beauchamp. Edmund Beauchamp came to Maryland at the request of Lord Baltimore, to be the first Clerk of the Court of Somerset County. He was the son of John Beauchamp of England, one of the financiers of the Mayflower. Thomas Beauchamp settled in Somerset and left many descendants of Somerset and Worcester Counties.

4. William Turpin, born 1678. In 1685, cattle marks were recorded for him as being the son of William Turpin. In his own deposition in 1741 he gives his age as 63 years, and states that he was brother of John Turpin, late of Somerset County and Solomon Turpin, late of Dorchester County.

William Turpin married Sarah Whitty in Somerset County. She was the daughter of Lieutenant Richard Whitty. They resided in Somerset County and left descendants. In 1732, William married a widow, Ester King, by whom he had no children. He died in 1755 in Somerset County.

5. Elizabeth Turpin, born in Manokin, March 16, 1680. She married Richard Tull of Somerset County on January 26, 1695. He died in 1670 in Somerset County, leaving a widow and four children. Soon thereafter she married Robert Beauchamp, also a son of Edmund Beauchamp. They settled in what is now Caroline County, Maryland. She left both Beauchamp and Tull descendants.

6. Peter Turpin, born in Manokin, March 31, 1682, and buried on April 9, 1682.

7. Sarah Turpin, born 1683.
Maryland State Archives
"Early Settler"
Liber 5, folio 210
1662 Aug. 13 Phillip Berrie had a warrant for four hundred acres of land for which he enter rights, himself and his wife Olive, George, Sam, Margaret Ivory, Mary Ivory, Elizabeth Barrie, being to make good the remainder.

Liber A.B.H. 16, folio 303

James Linsey, Inters Rights for Thomas Strawbridge, Mary Redding and Margret Bouses, transported in Anno Domini 1661, and John Hicks and William Turpin assigned unto him by Luke Gardner, transported the same year. James Linsey demands a warrant for said Rights. Warrants unto the Surveyor General to lay out Two hundred and fifty acres of land for James Linsey, June 5, 1662.

Somerset County Court Records
Deed Book I.K.L.

William Turpin and Margrett Ivery were married by John Winder, one of the Lordships Justices of ye peace for Somerset! Co. ye sixteenth day of January, one thousaid six hundred and sixty eight.

John Turpin, son of William Turpin was born of Margrett his wife, at Manokin, ye seventeeth day of August, Anno Donomi, one thousand six hundred and seventy one.

Solomon Turpin, ye son of William Turpin was born of Margrett his wife, at Manokin ye ninth day of November, Anno Dominy, one thousand six hundred seventy three.

Mary Turpin, ye daughter of William Turpin was born of Margrett his wife, ye twenty-fifth of November 1675.

Elizabeth Turpin ye daughter of William Turpin was borne of Margrett his wife, ye sixteenth day of March Anno Dominy one thousand six hundred eighty.
Peter Turpin, son of William Turpin born of Margrett his wife, ye last day of March, one thousand, six hundred eighty two, and the said Peter died and was hurried at Manokin the ninth day of April following.

Sarah Turpin, the daughter of William Turpin, borne of Margrett his wife, 1683.

Thomas Beauchamp and Mary Turpin were marryed (no date given)

Richard Tull and Elizabeth Turpin were marryed by Mr John Hewett, Minister of the Gospel, and 26th day of Jan. Anno Domini 1695/6.

John Turpin and Rebecca Bainton were married by Mr. John Hewett, Minister of the Gospel the twenty third day of Jan. Anno Domini 1695.

Somerset County, Md.
Princess Anne
Deed Book I.K.L.

Evidently the elder William died about 1685, as in that year the cattle marks of the following children were recorded:

Mary Turpin May 4, 1685
Elizabeth Turpin May 4, 1685
Sarah Turpin May 4, 1685
William Turpin May 4, 1685

Somerset County
Judicials 1740-1742
page 212

William Turpin, age 63 in 1741, mentions his brother John Turpin, late of Somerset County, and his brother Solomon, late of Dorchester County.

Maryland State Archives
Index to Deeds of Somerset County, Md.
Liber W.W. 1676-1679, page 168.

William Turpin from Thomas Davis: Land called "Trottness"

(Note: The Deed Book for this was destroyed in an early fire)

Maryland State Archive
Wills 14, page 570
Somerset County

Gray, Miles 20th Sept., 1717
21st Nov., 1717

To son John Gray: 1 shilling
To son-in-law William Turpin: 'Turn's Choice" and 60 acres of "Peach" during life - at his decease to pass to his son John and male heirs. Said land not to be mortgaged, sold or leased during his life. Also 50 acres of "Flent", to William Turpin.

To godson John Teack: Two tracts, higher and lower "Harnack". wife of testator and son William Turpin to have certain privileges during their lives.

To granddaughter Sarah Beachamp and Richard ___: Personalty

To wife ___, extx.: Personal estate during life. At her decease to pass to Mary Turpin and Sarah Covelan and their heirs.

Test: Lazarus Maddux, John Fountaine, George Bozman, Alex Maddux