Bibliography of Harry Wright Newman

These are most of the books, Harry Wright Newman has authored.  There are possibly others.  Many of the books he authored were limited editions.  Usually only 200-400 copies were printed.  If you know of any other books that he published please send me an email.

1933   Anne Arundel Gentry

1936   The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia

1937   The Stones of Poynton Manor.

1938   The Lucketts of Portobacco

1938   Maryland Revolutionary Records; data obtained from 3,050 pension claims and bounty land applications, including 1,000 marriages of Maryland soldiers and a list of 1,200 proved services of soldiers and patriots of other states

1940   Charles County Gentry

1952   Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation

1956   The Maryland Semmes and Kindred Families

1961   The flowering of the Maryland Palatinate : an intimate and objective history of the Province of Maryland to the overthrow of proprietary rule in 1654, with accounts of Lord Baltimore's settlement at Avalon

1963   The Maryland Dents

1967   A branch of the Douglas family, with its Maryland & Virginia connections

1968   Heraldic Marylandiana; a compilation of Maryland armorial families which used coats of arms in the colonial and early post-Revolutionary periods 

1971   Anne Arundel Gentry (Volume 2)

1976   Maryland and the Confederacy: An objective narrative of Maryland's participation in the War Between the States, 1861-1865 

1979   Anne Arundel Gentry (Volume 3)

1979   Waters-Turner-Wilson-Hatch families of Maryland (with author Jean Young Kent)

1982   To Maryland from overseas : a complete digest of the Jacobite Loyalists sold into white slavery in Maryland and the British and Continental background of approximately 1400 Maryland settlers from 1634 to the early Federal period with source documentation

1986   The DALES of Eastern Shore Maryland and Tennessee, (with authors Clarice Neal and Margaret Dale)