George W. Wenzel

Thirteenth child - George W. Wenzel (1871-1948)

George W Wenzel
Maud Wenzel

George W Wenzel was born on July 7, 1877 in Baltimore County, Maryland. George was listed in the 1900 Census with his brother Joshua. George married a lady named Maud around the year 1900. They lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

George and Maud appeared on the 1910 and 1920 census in Minnesota:

1910 Census - Minneapolis, Minnesota, 905-909 Franklin Avenue
Name                      Relationship   Age    Occupation                           Birthplace
George W Wenzel                         33      Manager at Gase Company  Maryland
Maud Wenzel                wife          33                                                  Ohio
Married for 10 years; Maud had no children; parents were born in Germany.

1920 Census - Excelsior, Minnesota, Phelps Island
Name                       Relationship   Age    Occupation                         Birthplace
George W Wenzel                           42     Real Estate at Oion office   Maryland
Maud                             wife           45                                               Ohio
Also shows their parents were born in Germany.

George W Wenzel youngerGeorge W Wenzel older
George and Maud were either divorced or Maud died by 1930. George remarried a lady named Kit around 1930. I could not find him listed in the 1930 Census. George died on July 27, 1945 in Baltimore County, Maryland, at age 68. He is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery.