Henry Valentine Wenzel

Fifth child - Henry Valentine Wenzel (1860-1893)

Henry Valentine Wenzel was born on March 6, 1860 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He was known as Val.  Val married Kate E Davis on December 22, 1886. She was born in Maryland on April 6, 1862. 

Henry Valentine Wenzel Police Officer
1890 Baltimore City Directory - 1350 north Calhoun
Name                   Address                    Occupation
Henry V Wenzel   1350 north Calhoun    police

Val Wenzel died on July 1, 1893 at age 33. Around 1991, Essie Wenzel compiled a book of Wenzel family data called “Wenzel”. In the opening of the book she lists five snippets from the past that were almost forgotten. One snippet reads as follows: “Like the policeman that was kicked by the horse, or was it the robber that kicked him. He later died from the kick.” With Val Wenzel being a police officer and dying so young, I wonder if he was the one that died from the kick. Val is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery. Kate Davis Wenzel may have died in the 1890s based on a Wenzel bible entry for her death as 189_.

                 Henry Valentine Wenzel younger                    Henry Valentine Wenzel in suit