Ollie Wenzel

First child - Ollie Wenzel (1851-1927)


Olive Elizabeth Wenzel was born on November 16, 1851 in Baltimore County. She was commonly called Ollie. Ollie married Samuel S. Frock, son of Samuel Frock and Mary A Wieland, on June 13, 1872. Samuel S Frock was born May 26, 1845 and was a brother of George F Frock, who married Ollie’s sister, Sophia. Samuel and Ollie had 5 children:Ollie Wenzel

  • Cora Virginia Frock was born in 1873. She died on July 18, 1896 in Baltimore at the age of 23 and is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery.
  • George Wenzel Frock was born on January 1, 1876 in Taneytown, Maryland. He died on February 4, 1884 in Taneytown at the age of 8 and is buried at Sater's Baptist Church.
  • Lilly A Frock was born in 1879 in Taneytown, Maryland. She married Stanley Joseph Winter on August 14, 1899 in Baltimore, Maryland. Stanley was born May 26, 1876, the son of Frank and Anna Winter. Lilly and Stanley had 3 children, Earl S (1900-1962), Cora (1902-1984), Nelson S (1911-). A newspaper clipping from around 1920 read as follows:

    Now seeking a divorce from my wife Lilly A., in circuit court of Baltimore City. I hereby notify the public that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife. Stanley J Winter

    I am not sure if they ever actually divorced. Stanley Winter died on September 30, 1938 at age 62 in Baltimore. Lilly died on  December 19, 1953 at age 74 in Baltimore. They are buried in the same plot in Druid Ridge Cemetary.
  • Mary Anna Frock was born on April 14, 1881 in Taneytown, Maryland. She was an identical twin of Kate W Frock. She never married. She died on September 1, 1964 in Baltimore at age 83 and is buried at Loudon Park.
  • Kate W Frock was born on April 14, 1881 in Taneytown, Maryland. She was an identical twin of Mary Anna Frock. She never married. She died on July 4, 1949, in Baltimore at age 68 and is buried at Loudon Park.

Ollie and Samuel S Frock appear in the 1880 Census in Baltimore County, Maryland.

1880 Census - Baltimore County - 8th District
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
Samuel Frock 35 labour Maryland
Ollie E Frock wife 26 keeping house Maryland
Cora V Frock daughter 6 Maryland
George W Frock son 4 Maryland
Lillie A Frock daughter 1 Maryland
Also states that Samuel’s parents were born in Maryland and Ollie’s parents were born in Germany.

Samuel Frock died on July 30, 1883 at age 38 in Baltimore Maryland. He was buried at Loudon Park Cemetery.

Ollie Wenzel continued to live in Baltimore and was listed in 1890 Baltimore City Directory, and the 1920 Census in Baltimore City.

1890 Baltimore City Directory - 1350 north Calhoun
Name Address Occupation
Ollie E Frock 1350 north Calhoun Grocer

1920 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland - 1406 Gilmore Street
Name Marital Stat Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
Olive E Frock widowed 68 none Maryland
Katie W Frock single daughter 36 forelady at factory Maryland
Mary A Frock single daughter 36 examiner at factory Maryland
Mary Winnsett cousin 40 clerk for government Maryland
Second Family at same address
Edward Hart married 44 cutter at factory Maryland
Alice M Hart married wife 41 seamstress at factory Maryland

Ollie Wenzel died on January 6, 1927 at age 75 in Baltimore and is buried at Loudon Park.