Sophia Coots Wenzel

Fourth child - Sophia Coots Wenzel (1851-1927)

Sophia Coots Wenzel was born on November 26, 1857 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was baptized on September 12, 1858 in Baltimore at the Old Otterbein Church. Her middle name Coots is assumed to be a family name. Perhaps Coots was the last name of George Wenzel’s or Catherine Kibler’s mother. Sophia Wenzel married George F. Frock, son of Samuel Frock and Mary A Wieland, on June 7, 1877 in Baltimore. George F Frock was the brother of Samuel S Frock, who married Sophia’s sister, Ollie. George and Sophia had eight children:
  • John Sand Frock was born on March 23, 1878 in Baltimore County, Maryland. John married Laura Estelle Coulter on April 30, 1901 in Baltimore County. She was born on May 4, 1880. John and Laura had 6 children, George S. (1904-1987), Mildred M. (1907-1972), John E. (1909-1939), Evelyn G. (1911-), Clarence L. (1913-1990), and Dorothy N. (1918-1988). John Sand Frock died on June 2, 1938 in Baltimore County, Maryland, at age 68. Laura died 3 years later in July 1941 at age 61. Both are buried at Sater’s Baptist Church.
  • Mary E. Frock was born in November 1879 in Baltimore County, Maryland. She was married twice. The name of her first husband is not known, but the marriage took place in 1897. Her second marriage was to Andrew J Wernsdorfer around 1902. Andrew was a plumber in 1930. Mary died in 1937 in Baltimore County. Andrew died in 1940. Both are buried at Sater's Baptist Church.
  • Samuel William Frock was born on December 23, 1882 in Baltimore County. In 1904, he played baseball for the town of Ridgely on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Ridgely had only about 800 residents, but the team recruited widely and won the Maryland ‘amateur’ championship, although several players were paid. Perhaps the most notable attribute of the team was that it included five future major leaguers: Sam Frock (p), Bill Kellogg (1b), Buck Herzog (2b), future Hall of Famer Frank Baker (3b), and Simon Nicholls (ss).  Sam Frock was Major League Baseball pitcher from 1907 to 1911.  Click to see his Major League Baseball Statistics.

Sam Frock pitched in 8 games for the World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates in 1909. He was on the World Series roster, but did not appear in any games during the series. On April 18, 1910, he was traded to the last place Boston Doves. The Doves became the Boston Rustlers in 1911 and in 1912 became the Boston Braves. In 1910, Sam Frock ranked high in the major leagues in several pitching categories. He was third in the league in strikeouts and games pitched. He was second in the league in number of strikeouts per 9 innings pitched, with 5.98 strikeouts every 9 innings. Unfortunately, the Braves were horrible again in 1910 and finished the season with a record of 53 wins and 100 losses. Sam Frock probably injured his arm with the excessive work in 1910. He was not able to pitch effectively in 1911 and called it quits after 4 games. Sam Frock was listed as 6'0 tall, 168 pounds during his major league playing days. In the early 1920s, Sam Frock managed the Laurel, Delaware Blue Hens of the Eastern Shore League.

Sam Frock married Josephine Shea circa 1905. She was born on June 10, 1883. They had 3 children, Elizabeth (1906-1994), Fillmore (1908-1954), and Dorothy (1909-1911).

1920 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland - 3612 Central Avenue
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
Sam Frock 36 manager -baseball team Maryland
Josephine Frock wife 36 Washington DC
Elizabeth Frock daughter 13 Maryland
Philmore Frock son 11 Maryland

Sam Frock died on November 6, 1925 in Baltimore County at age 42. Josephine Frock died on February 18, 1932 in Baltimore County at age 49. Both are buried at Loudon Park Cemetery.

  • Sophia B. Frock was born in 1884 in Baltimore County. In 1911, she married Roland C Bryan, son of Edgar Bryan and Emma A Bachran. Roland was an electrician at a power company. Roland died October 16, 1962. Sophia died on June 24,1973 in Baltimore County. Both are buried at Druid Ridge Cemetary.
  • George W Frock was born on March 12, 1884 in Baltimore County. He died as an infant on July 6, 1884 and is buried at Sater's Baptist Church.
  • Clarence Emory Frock was born on May 16, 1885 in Baltimore County. His nickname was Bud. He married Bessie Eleanor Plitt on August 9, 1919. She was born June 24, 1894. Bud and Bessie had 1 child, Charlotte E (1920-1987). Bud and Bessie lived at 817 14th Street in Baltimore at the time of the 1930 Census. Clarence’s occupation was house wiring. Bessie’s mother was born in Canada. Bessie died at age 54 on August 7, 1948. Clarence died on November 16, 1950 at age 65. Both are buried at Parkwood Cemetery in Baltimore.
  • George Washington Knell Frock was born on May 3, 1889 in Baltimore County. In 1909, he married Azalia H Williams. She was born around 1892 in Maryland. George and Azalia had 4 children, Doris L (1911-1975), Milford C (1915-1917), George M (1918-), and Robert C (1921-). The family lived at 3611 Pearce Avenue in Baltimore at the time of the 1930 Census. George was a proprietor in the heating industry. George died on June 4, 1967 at age 78. Azalia died on March 21, 1973. Both are buried at Druid Ridge Cemetery.
  • Elsie Mae Frock was born on August 23, 1891 in Baltimore County. In 1910, Elsie married John William Greeley. He was born January 9, 1889 and was known as Bill. Bill and Elsie had 7 children, Virginia M. (1911-1995), Sophia (1913-1982), Josephine P. (1914-), William E. (1915-1916), William C. (1917-1979), Mary L. (1920-1991), and Betty J. (1922-1922). In 1930, they lived at 3612 Malden Street with Elsie’s step-mother Helen and 5 of their children. Bill was employed as a cable splicer for the telephone company. Bill Greeley died July 28, 1957 at age 68. Elsie died on November 3, 1971 in Baltimore County, Maryland, at age 80. Both are buried at Sater's Baptist Church.

Sophia C Wenzel Frock and George F Frock appeared in the following Census record:

1880 Census - Baltimore County - 8th District
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
George Frock 23 labor Maryland
Sophie C wife 23 keeps house Maryland
John son 2
Mary daughter 7 months Maryland
Mary was born in November. Sophie’s parents were born in Germany.

Sophie C Wenzel Frock died on February 20, 1893 in Baltimore County at the age of 25. Later in 1893 George Frock remarried to Helen Gertrude Yeakle (or Ikeburger). She was also known as Gertie. Gertie was born in 1860. George F. Frock worked for the City Police in 1900. Sophia, George, and Gertie are buried at Sater's Baptist Church.