The Wolfe Family

of Bavaria & Baltimore

Caroline Wolfe (1848-after 1930)
+ William Brown (1843-ca1915)

Caroline Wolfe was born in November of 1848 in Baltimore County.  Caroline married William H Brown sometime around 1873. He was born in Ireland in October 1843.  William and Caroline Brown had 3 children. One child died young.  The other two sons are detailed below:


1. Ralph Nelson Brown was born in September, 1874 in Baltimore County.  He married Lydia M Christy sometime around 1906.  She was born in 1881, the daughter of James H and Laura V Christy. Ralph and Lydia Brown had six known children: Elsie M (1907-), Ralph W (1908-), Carl E (1909-), E Doris (1915-), R. Aidyl (1917-), and Robert F (1919-).  The Ralph W Brown family appeared in the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Census as follows:

1910 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland - 239 Old Frederick Road
Name Relationship Age OccupationBirthplace
James H Christy, age 53, watchman at department store, born in Maryland
Laura V Christy, wife, age 47, dressmaker at a factory, born in Maryland
Laura E Christy, daughter, age 17, straw hat maker, born in Maryland
James H Christy, son, age 14, born in Maryland
Ralph N Brown, son-in-law, age 36, clerk at department store, born in Maryland
Lydia M Brown, daughter, age 29, born in Maryland
Elsie W Brown, granddaughter, age 4, born in Maryland
Ralph W Brown, grandson, age 3, born in Maryland
Carl E Brown, grandson, age 2, born in Maryland
[The Census record also shows that James & Laura Christy had been married for 30 years.  James’ parents were born in Ireland.  Laura’s parents were born in Maryland.  She had 7 children and 3 are living.  Ralph and Lydia had been married for 5 years.  Ralph’s parents were born in Maryland.  Ralph and Lydia had 3 children as of that date and all 3 were living.]

1920 Census - Baltimore County, Maryland - 13th District Name
Ralph W Brown, age45, Delivery Superintendent Railroad, born in Maryland
Lidia Brown, wife, age 39, born in Maryland
Elsie Brown, daughter, age 13, born in Maryland
Ralph Brown Jr., son, age 12, born in Maryland
Carl Brown, son, age 11, born in Maryland
Doris Brown, daughter, age 5, born in Maryland
Aidyl Brown, daughter, age 3, born in Maryland
Robert? Brown, son, age 1, born in Maryland
[Ralph’s father was born in Ireland and mother was born in Maryland.]

The 1930 Census shows that Ralph W Brown provided residence for his mother Caroline Brown.

1930 Census - Baltimore County, Maryland, Summit Avenue 
Ralph W Brown, age 55, superintendent of a prison, born in Maryland
Lydia M Brown, wife, age 49, born in Maryland
Elsie M Brown, daughter, age 23, stenographer wholesale diary, born in Maryland
Ralph W Brown, son, age 22, clerk at Steam Railroad, born in Maryland
E Doris Brown, daughter, age 15, born in Maryland
R Aidyl Brown, daughter, age 13, born in Maryland
Robert F Brown, son, age 11, born in Maryland
Caroline Brown, mother, age 81, widow, born in Maryland
{Also shows that Ralph W Brown owns a home worth $18,000.  He was age 31 when he was first married.  His father was born in the Irish Free State and his mother was born in Maryland.  Lydia Brown was age 25 when she was first married.  Her parents were born in Maryland.  Caroline’s parents were born in Bavaria.]

Charles S. Brown2. Charles S Brown was born in January, 1876 in Baltimore County.  He was living with his parents in the 1880 and 1900 Census.  In the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Census there are so many people named Charles Brown in Maryland that I can not easily determine which Charles S Brown, we are looking for.  Rather than make an educated guess, I will wait until further research reveals more information about him.  We do know he was alive in 1912.  In 1912, he provided the information to fill his uncle George Wolfe’s death certificate.

I have a photo of a Sophia Brown. She may be the wife of Charles Brown. She could also be connected somewhere else in this Brown family or to the Kibler family.

William and Caroline Brown family, plus George WolfeWilliam and Caroline Brown appeared together in the 1880 and 1900 Census.

1880 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland, 20th Ward

William H Brown, age 36, Coach Smith, born in England
Carrie Brown, wife, age 30, born in Maryland
Ralph Brown, son, age 6, born in Maryland
Charles Brown, son, age 3, born in Maryland
George Wolfe, boarder, age 23, Wheelwright, born in Maryland
[Also states that William’s parents were born in England, Carrie’s parents were born in Maryland and George’s father was born in England and mother was born in Maryland. (incorrect).]

1900 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland - 1206 Homewood Avenue

William Brown, age 56, born Oct 1843 in Ireland
Caroline Brown, wife, age 51, born Nov 1848 in Maryland
Ralph M Brown, son, age 25, clerk, born Sept 1874 in Maryland
Charles S Brown, son, age 23, clerk, born Jan 1876 in Maryland
George W Wolfe, brother-in-law, age 40, woodworker, born Apr 1860 in Maryland
[Also states that William and Caroline have been married for 27 years, William immigrated in 1857, His parents were born in Ireland, Caroline is the mother of 3 children and 2 are living. Caroline’s and George’s parents were born in Germany.]

William Brown died sometime between 1900 and 1930.  Caroline Brown was listed as 81 years old and a widow living in the household of her son, Ralph W Brown in 1930.  Since, a record for William Brown can not be found in the 1910 or 1920 Census, William Brown possibly died before 1910.  I also can not find a record for Caroline Brown in 1910 or 1920, so maybe the household was just missed or incorrectly entered.

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