The Wolfe Family

of Bavaria & Baltimore

George W WolfeGeorge W. Wolfe (1854-1912)

George W Wolfe was born on April 16, 1854 in Baltimore County, Maryland.  George Wolfe was listed on his mother’s Census record in 1860.  I assume that before 1870, his mother had died and the family had dispersed.  The following record is the likely the 1870 Census record for George W and William H Wolfe. Several entries on this record were scratched through, erased, and rewritten. Some of both entries can be read.

1870 Census - Baltimore City, 3rd Ward
Henry Beste, age 34, Rt Bakery, born in Hanover
         (name originally appears as Lizzie, & female changed to male)
Martha Beste, age 33, Keeping House, born in Wuertemburg
Lena Beste, age 9, born in Maryland
Lizzie Beste, age 7, born in Maryland
August Beste age 6?, born in Maryland
          (the above line originally read George Wolfe, age 21?, Baker)
Annie Beste or Wolfe, age 4 or 45, born in Maryland
          (last name Bavier was erased, can't read erased first name, erased occupation - Sailor)
Willi--? ??, age 1 or 13, Keeping House, born in Maryland
          (with erasures, last name could be Wolf, Beste, or Bavier)
George Wolfe, age 21, Baker, born in Maryland
          (the age of 15 for George Wolf was erased)

If William Wolf age 13 and George Wolf age 15 are correct, then this is probably our Wolfe family.  I can not find another likely record for William, George, or their mother Mary in 1870.  The 1880 Census record for the Beste household gives us further clues about the 1870 Census record.

1880 Census - Baltimore City, Maryland
Herman Beste, age 45, Baker, born in Hanover
Margaret Beste, age 44, Keeps House, born in Wuertemburg
Carrie Beste, age 19, born in Maryland
Lizzie Beste, age 17, born in Maryland
August Beste, age 16, born in Maryland
Anna Beste, age 12, born in Maryland
    (plus 3 sons under the age of 10 that were not in the 1870 Census)

The only two peopled listed with the Beste family in 1870 that were not members of the Beste family were George Wolfe and William.  George Wolfe never married.  He remained close to his sister Caroline and the rest of the Brown family throughout his life.  George W Wolfe lived in the household of William Brown and his sister Caroline Brown in 1880 and 1900.  He also appears in a tin type photo with the family.

An entry in the Annie V Wolfe bible records that George W Wolfe died on June 2, 1912.  He died in Baltimore County at age 58.  The following obituary was cut from a newspaper giving more insight into his life:

George W Wolfe - George W Wolfe for many years general foreman of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Locust Point, died suddenly yesterday afternoon at his home, 1536 North Fulton avenue, of appendicitis.  Mr. Wolfe was stricken on Friday night and became gradually worse up to the time of his death.  He was a bachelor and had spent his entire life in Baltimore.  He is survived by two sisters (Mrs. William Brown and Miss Annie Wolfe, both of Baltimore) and two brothers (John W Wolfe, and William H Wolfe, also of this city.)  Mr. Wolfe was a member of Corinthia Lodge, No. 93 AF, and AM Orienta Lodge, No. 18, Knights of Pythias, and Poromac Tribe, No. 51, Improved Order of Red Men.  His funeral will be conducted by the Corinthian Lodge, and will take place from the home of his sister, Mrs. Brown, 1222 North Caroline street, tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.

After George Wolfe’s death, his nephew Charles S Brown provided information for his death certificate:

Death Certificate - George W Wolfe, male, white, single 1536 N. Fulton Ave.
born April 16, 1854, in Baltimore, MD, age at death 55 years, 1 month, 18 days
occupation - foreman
name of father - John M Wolfe, born in Germany
name of mother - Mary McEldsuggs?, born in Germany
informant - Charles Brown
died of obstruction of the bowels & exhaustion, sick 1 1/2 days
buried June 3 at Loudon Park

So far three sources give different maiden names for Mary Wolfe.  McEldsuggs only appears on this death certificate.  I have only seen the microfilm of the death certificate once and that was 16 years ago.  The record needs further examination.  The unusual name sounds more Irish than German.  German names usually do not begin with ‘Mc’.  During a sad and stressful time, perhaps Charles Brown was trying to remember his grandmothers maiden name and remembered his other grandmothers maiden name.  His father’s mother was born in Ireland.

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