The Wolfe Family

of Bavaria & Baltimore

John M Wolfe (1805-1859)
 + Mary      (1820-ca 1865)

The known Wolfe story begins in Bavaria in 1805 with the birth of John M Wolfe.  His future wife, Mary was also born in Bavaria in 1820.  Recent research has not determined whether they were married at the time they came to America.  Their first child was born in 1846 in Maryland.  This places the date of their immigration sometime between 1820 and 1846.  The following Census record shows the Wolfe family in 1850.

1850 Census - Baltimore County, Maryland, 2nd District
John Wolf, age 45, laborer, born in Germany
Mary Wolf, age 30, born in Germany
Margaret Wolf, age 4, born in Maryland
Caroline Wolf, age 1, born in Maryland
John Wolf, age 8 months, born in Maryland.

The 1860 Census shows another snapshot of the family.  Since John M Wolf is not listed with his family and not found in any other 1860 Census record, we assume that he passed away before 1860.  His son William was born in September 1859.  Therefore we can be fairly certain that John M Wolfe died in 1859 or early 1860.

1860 Census - Baltimore County, Maryland, Monkton
Mary Wolf, age 40, farmer, born in Byron, Germany
Caroline Wolf, age 12, born in  Maryland
John Wolf, age 10, born in Maryland
Ann Wolf, age 5, born in Maryland
George Wolf, age 3, born in Maryland
William Wolf, age 1, born in Maryland

This Census record is our first indication that Mary’s birthplace is Bavaria. The German word for Bavaria is Bayern.  Byron is not a place in Germany.

In 1870 we find possible Census entries for John, George, and William Wolfe living in other households.  I can not find a Census record for Mary Wolfe in 1870 or for her daughters, Caroline, and Ann.  Since her sons are living in other households, I suspect that Mary Wolfe died by 1870.  There is also a small possibility that she and her daughters were missed by the Census Taker.

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