East New Market

Property Reports

34 Main Street

The Old Brick Hotel is Endangered

(Also known as the Brick Hotel, the Old House of the Hinges, the Old Manning House, the Temperance House, and the Daffin-Mitchell House)

Below are some photos from March 2011 showing the condition of the Old Brick Hotel.  The current owner restored the property about 20 years ago.  The property has sat neglected since then.  This house desperately needs to be a new entry on Preservation Maryland's Most Endangered Property list.

The Meat House where the name "Old House of the Hinges" derived is in disrepair.  A tarp was put on the roof a few years ago when the roof started to leak.  The tarp has been in shreds for for over a year.

Meat House

One of three deteriorating porch posts and one of several areas where the bricks of the kitchen wing are turning to powder.

powder bricks and porch post

Front door showing mold and water damage with stairs rotted off.

deteriating porch

Back door showing mold, water damage, and shutters and stairs rotted off.

Rear Entry

One of two rotting dormers on rear of house.


Bricks on the rear of the kitchen wing turning to powder.

more bricks turning to powder

The house is mentioned in many newspaper articles dating as early as 1792.  This house is one of the most significant historic structures in East New Market.  The house and the large lot of land it sits on need to be saved.