East New Market

Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855

November 1854

23 of Nov - Thanksgiving Day - spent in so pleasantly went to bring in the morning Sun.  Kate Wright dined with me in the afternoon.   Mr. Sherman & Grey called.   Then Em Thomas & Mary.  All went out to Mr. Houston's.  Took tea.  Enjoyed ourselves so much.  Mrs. Sherman walked home with me.  Mr. Haskins read a beautiful sermon.

24th - rained all day, cleared away late in the evening, nothing particular for that day.

25th - one of November's lovely days.  The sun shone so beautiful in the afternoon.  Rode on horseback to see Sarah Thompson and Mr. Sherman.  Also Mary Jacobs told me something nice about a letter.  This week has been like a fickle woman one day, all smiles and sunshine, the next disagreeable, contrary, unpleasant, rainy, cloudy and all that kind of thing.

26th - Sunday.  Went to Church in this morning.  Had music.  This evening went to see Mary.  Saw the letter, was glad.  Pleased on reading the contents to see some passages devoted to myself.  Wrote a little message.  I do wonder what will be thought of it.  I suppose I shall have to wait patiently.  That will be hard to do, but I hope will succeed.

27th - went down to Mr. Wrights to spend the evening.  There I met Billy Sherman.  Was devoted, laughed, great deal.

28th - James came up.  Took my music lesson.  Afternoon, Lou and Maria came out on horse back.  We all took a ride.  My pony cut up awfully.  Came home worried.  After tea, practiced as usual.  Expect Billy Powell down on Thursday week.  I can't tell why I am much pleased.  I hope it will not prove an "affaire de cover".  If it does it will be the first one.

29th - received a letter.  Sallie Wright answered it immediately.  Wrote all about the present of "an apple".  How funny.

30th - last day of the month was beautiful in the afternoon.  Nellie Powell was to leave to Baltimore today.  And Billy, I do wonder if he ever thinks of me, and what he does.  Why should I ask myself such questions.  What difference does it make to me? Echo answers none.

December 1854