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Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855

November 1854

December 1854

1st of December - quite a pretty day.  Spent at home as usual.  In evening Sherman and Grey called.  It is so amusing that boys actions.  Surely he is in love.  I can not pity him.  As for sympathy I have none.  Why don't they write from Baltimore.

2nd - the last day of the week.  Frank H. and Tom Hodson came home from New Haven.  Have not seen them yet.  Mr. Jacobs got home from Baltimore.  Said Jim looked tolerably well.  Sorry he did not look well.  He always looks so to me.  I wonder why?

3rd - Sunday, rainy day and very cold.  Cleared away in the evening, but extremely cold.  Have been reading "Shakespeare" all day.

4th - the coldest day we have had yet.  So very windy.  Went down to see Mrs. Thompson this afternoon.  She, Sallie, Mary, and Bob are coming out on Friday.  Also Miss Rogers, Lou, Kate, Charlie and hope more.  Try and make them enjoy themselves.

5th - Colder than yesterday.  Last night was decidedly cold.

6th, 7th - nothing remarkable.  Slight snow, the first in the season.

8th - the girls all did come and we had a real nice time.  All things come out well.  Also that day Ceph Jacobs came home.  Looking quite well.  It was very unexpectedly.

9th - good deal of cleaning.  Had a time to get the mashed raisons off of the floor.  We packed them on there dancing. 

10th - Sunday went to Church in the morning.  In the evening Father, Lizzie Houston, and myself went to Mr. Wrights and spent the evening.  Did not intend it.  The boys of the Institute were there.

11th - quite unexpectedly, Mr. Rogers came over and took tea with us.  Was pleased with him.  Father sent him to Mr. Wrights.

12th - Father is going to Baltimore tomorrow.  Mr. Pugh called.

13th - Father is gone and I am very lonely.  Mary has come to stay with me.  Billy Sherman called this evening and gave me a Philopena present of an orange.  Mary and I both laughed.

14th - Mary stayed all day.  In the morning she wrote a letter to Jimmy and I told her every word to write.  How he will wonder.

15th - today Dr. Houston gives a party.  Sallie Thompson stayed here and dressed.  Mary, Ceph, Em, Annie called and we went together.  Seno Eugene Rogers payed me good deal of attention.  Lou did not like it much.  Enjoyed it very much.

16th - Lizzie Houston gives one.  Father just returned from Baltimore.  We got there in a few minutes.  I catch Mr. Rogers Philopena.  He pays me good deal of attention, which makes me feel quite unpleasant as Lou shows she does not like it.  This morning Lou and Frank come over just to bid us goodbye.  We get to playing ball.  Em, Mary came and they stay for dinner.  Had a merry time.

17th - Sunday, saw Mr. Rogers at Church.  He said he should not go to Church and after I said I was, he said he would see me.  Monday an unpleasant day.  Rained and snowed all day.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

18th - received an invitation to attend Eliza Stewart's wedding.  It will be a grand affair.  Dr. Dixon is to be the happy man.  Busy getting ready.

19th - Jimmy is coming home today.  I suppose I shall see him tomorrow.  I wonder if before?  When he would not trouble himself so much to call on his old friend.   Mary is in Cambridge.   She will be home tomorrow.

20th - Jimmy did not come.   Was disappointed.   But not so much as I made out.   I suppose he is home now.  Mr. Rogers called.  Took dinner with us.  Made himself very agreeable.   Went to the party.  I met him.  Had a real nice dance.  First set with the groom.  Left at one.  Horse broke a train.  Got home at three.  Oh and lost my dream ticket.  Too bad.

21st - called on the bride.  Looked so sweet in the afternoon.  Lou, Maria, Kate, and Mr. Eugene spent the evening.  He paid me some attention.

23rd - dull dreary day.  Hope tomorrow will be pleasant.  Went to go to Church.  Hope I shall see Mr. Rogers.  He says he is not engaged to Lou, but hints I am to someone.  Only wants to find out.  He kept trying to play with these conversation cards, as if he wished an opportunity to show me some.  One of them says he is coming again as soon as the river opens.  I do wonder if he stayed to dream on that ticket or if I had any influence over him.   Really I don’t believe he would have stayed if they had not been so anxious.

24th - a dreadful day which enveloped everything.  Rode up to Church.  Caught Mr. Roger's Philopena again.  I wonder what he will give me? Sense he did not want to see me anymore, but said if I was going to stay home on Christmas her would spend the morning with me. 

25th - Christmas day have not as yet received a present.  Mr. Rogers caught me.  Said would I please him to make a selection.  Yes.  I wonder what he will want.  Wanted to know if I would receive a search for one Philopena.  Said Yes, would let me just before he left.  Kept whispering to me behind his hat.  Something about if he was to say my heart, would I have it in my possession.  Said yes.  Had a daguerreotype plate for Ginnie my dearest friend.  Met Jimmy Jacobs.  Did not shake hand with me.  Simply how do you do.  If he can beat me, let him try and see who will be winner.  He is a nice fellow, but likes someone else better.  Spite.

26th - spent the day home all alone, all day.  Foggy and musty

27th - very unpleasant.  Never spent so dull a Christmas.  Went to see Annie Green in the evening.  Saw Eugene pass

28th - Sophie Houston spent nearly the morning with me went up.  Well Mary, saw Jimmy.  He is not well, looks very pale.  Eugene went to Mr. Wright’s.  Spent the day.  How I wish I had been there.  That’s a story.

29th - spent the day all alone.  The year is almost spent.

30th - the quarterly meeting commences today.  Rather pleasant in evening.  Jimmy and Mary came down quite unexpectedly.  Was just thinking he had been home a week and had not been down.  Went to Church.  Frank came home with us .  Teased him great deal about a party he went to on Thursday.  I think he likes me as well as ever.  I believe I am only one he ever loved, and certainly he has been faithful.

31st - Sunday, the last day of the year.  How have I spent it? How good and kind "Dear Father" has been to me! And still I am not half thankful enough for his kind mercies.

January 1855