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Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855

January 1855

February 1855

1st February - Cousin Joe dined with us yesterday, but would not stay the evening.  I was so sorry.  I hope all enjoyed themselves.  Left little after 12.  Got to bed at 1.  Mrs. Houston gives accompany this evening.  Father and I go find.  Willie and Mr. Myers have a dance.  Some fellows who were not invited came down and danced and played on the violin, but did not interrupt us.  Enjoyed myself so much.

2nd - Mr. Sloat lectured this evening.  Sophia and Lizzie Houston stayed all night.

3rd - went over to Mr. Collins’s this morning.  This afternoon went to see Mary and Annie.  Have been away every day this week.  So much disruption.  Do not feel badly at all.  Saw the letter and another she got yesterday.  He sayed he had pleased his affections on a young lady.  Her image had been indelibly fixed in his heart for some time, but he had never told her of his love.  But never expected to tell her he would drive the passion from him.  He was quite sure she could guess.  I guessed.  Wrote a postscript for me and said if I would answer it.  His call of happiness would be full, but added such quote I don’t know what to do. 

4th - clearly pleasant.  Mr. Haskins will not be here tomorrow.  How shall I spend today.  Sunshine beautiful and was rather cool.  Lizzie Houston came home yesterday.  She is looking well.  I shall write one or two lines.  She called in to see me this evening.  Went home with her.  Frank left and Father came after tea.  Had lots of fun.

5th - Mrs. Jacobs, Miss Ann Ennalls was here in the morning.  Mary came after tea.  Stayed all night.

6th - went home with her.  Stayed all day.  Helped her to finish her "work".  Had good deal of fun.  Saw something Mr. Myers wrote in a book to her.   Filled the ias house on Monday.

7th - snowed last night, yesterday and today.  Has been the coldest days.  Went sleighing this Monday.

8th - snowed and rained all day.  The rain freezing as it fell.  Surely, I never felt such weather.  It is so very cold.  Tomorrow what nice sleighing I shall have.

9th - cold, but excellent sleighing.  Cephus took Priscilla Shepperd and I sleighing.  We had a nice time.  Was not very well, but it cured me.  Frank proposed we go this evening.  He did not come.  Priscilla and Ine came over.  Played dominoes.  Father took Willie.

10th - Saturday.  Father took me to Mr. Houston’s.  Left me.  Took the girls sleighing and then Mary and myself drove the new horse.  Were delighted with him.  So gentle.  Frank wrote over if I would go to Mr. Thomas’s this evening.  I went.  Called for Mary.  She went.  Had a good joke on Frank.  He said I did not look like I wanted to go.  And I told him I was going, and when he stopped for Mary, the mystery was solved.  She said he did not make an engagement with her.  He said he was thinking of her all the time.  Poor fellow, he did not know what to say.  Both being present.  Afraid of wounding our feelings.

11th - Sunday no Church.  Father took me up to Mr. Thomas’s.  Em came home with us.  Went to Church in the evening in the carriage.  It was so muddy.  Mary came home with us.  Frank came in for tea.  Mr. Myers and Cephas called afterwards.  Had a real jolly company.

12th - Mary stayed all night.  Frank is to take Em home today.  Mary went home this morning.  We went with her.  Em got a letter.  Sarah and Lizzie with a hair ring, a nice present.  I got a letter from Nellie.  A real nice one.  Her brother in coming over soon.  I think he is such a nice fellow.  Sent his warmest regards to me.  Frank has taken Em home indeed.  I feel quite lonely.  I really believe they are in love with each other.  It would make a good match.  It is funny, Sarah, Lizzie, making a confidant of Em, and she in love with F.H.H. herself.

13th - thawing good deal.  Raining some.  The snow is melting fast.  Had some snow cream.  The last I expect this season.  Sallie Collins came over and stayed some time.  Col. Hodson brought us an invitation to a party at Dr. Tubman’s.  We have concluded to go if nothing happens.  Frank came home sooner than I expected.  I wonder if he really does love Em? 

14th - rainy warm.  Practiced good deal.  Got a Valentine comic.  I guess I shall find out who sent it.

15th - cloudy, cleared away some and in we went to Cambridge.  Much with a warm reception at Dr. Muse’s.  Took tea.  Dressed and went to the party.  The first person I saw was Ben.  Said he had been waiting for us for an hour.  Took me into the room.  Danced the first.  Led with him.  Was introduced to Billy Martin.  The second set with him.  The third with Daniel Henry.  Talked with Ben at supper.  Teased him about Miss Cunningham.  Got home safely.

16th - Father went home this morning.  Mr. Sullivain dined with us.  Ben was not well and did not see him today.

17th - walked up town this morning.  Met Ben and Billy M.  Bowed.  They came around after tea with some other company.  Ben payed me good deal of attention.  I do wonder if he is a flirt.

18th - went to Church.  Ben walked home with me.  Caught one Philopena I caught him yesterday.  Called in the evening to go to Church.  Went.  I told him I made three wishes.  Very anxious to know what they were.  He said he wished on Thursday I might come.  Took my ring home to dream on.

19th - told me he dreamed great deal, but would take some other time to tell me.  Says he is coming up soon.  Having my fan mended with a gold heart.  Wonderful.  Walked from uptown with me and waved to him as I left.  He and Billy Martin near standing under Bradshaw’s.  He goes to the lodge tonight.  I wonder if he has thought of me today.  Don’t care if he has not.

20th - the wind is blowing quite cool indeed.  It is very cold tonight.  Tuesday the 6th of the month was the coldest day we have had for many years.  Sallie Collins has been over today.

21st - wind still blowing and sun shines very brightly.  Went around to see Mary.  She is going to Baltimore on Monday.  Got a ticket to the commencement, which is to take place 6th of March.  She and I went out to Mr. Houston's and stayed for dinner.  Joe H wrote some sweet things about loving me.  Then, after dinner Em Thomas came for Mary and I to go home with her.  We went.

22nd - beautiful morning.  A real Spring day.  I teased Mary until she cried yesterday.  Today we have been teasing Em.  Laughed great deal.  Father went to Cambridge yesterday.  He did not see Ben.  What a shame.  I shall go down to see Ginnie next week, Tuesday.

23rd - came home today.  Have enjoyed myself good deal.  Been reading Ben’s paper.

24th - have got a bad cold.  Can’t tell how I took it.  Sophia Houston and Sallie Collins came over.  Stayed for tea and all night.  Oh! me, last Saturday.  I was in Cambridge at Dr. Muse’s, and Ben was there.  Oh what happiness! I can’t half think of him.

25th - Sunday, Bill Sherman called.  Went with Sophia to Church.  Last Wednesday was the first day of lent.  Ohh! I enjoyed my visit to Cambridge so much this time.  Last Sunday how happy and nervous I was.  Strange if I like one, I am so nervous, trembling all over.  I wonder why it is.  Such a pleasant evening I spent.  I wonder if Ben will come up to see me tomorrow.  I am going over to Talbot with Lizzie and Sophia, but somehow I don’t anticipate much pleasure.  I hope I shall see Billy P and Nellie.

25th - went down to Cambridge.  Saw Annie.  She was not so well.  The wind blowed a perfect gale, but father hired a boat and we went over.  Got to Mr. Harris’s safe.  They are such elvish people and have two such sweet children.  I did not see Ben this morning.

26th - cold still and the wind still blows.  Passed today quite pleasantly.  Had a dance.

27th - rather pleasant.  We are going up to Mr. Bryan’s.  Got there after a while.  The tongue of the carriage broke, but we mended it.  Quite a hearty welcome.  Mr. Bryan has come home.

28th - Pussy and mother and Josey, also Billy Martin spent today with us.  Josey and I have been playing cards.  He looks very much better, I think, and improved also.

March 1855