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Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855

December 1854

January 1855

1st of January - how thankful I ought to be, for the many men and opportunities of grace the Lord has given me.  Oh I had a lovely day.  Like many caught Father New Year’s gift, god’s sweet kiss.  Jimmy and Frank called.  Made an engagement to up to Em's.  Had a nice time.  Em came home with us.  Did not ride with us.  Jimmy said something about marriage.  Went to Church.  They are all coming to spend this evening.  Mr. Rogers went home yesterday.  Did not get to see him to say goodbye.  Never thought of it all day.  Too bad. 

2nd - Frank and Em, Jimmy and Mary, came down.  Spent a delightful evening.  Went to Church.  Walked home with Mary.  He wants my likeness.  Said he hoped he had it on his heart.  Said he had there for two years.  Stayed all night with Mary.  Sewed up the sheets.  Jimmy kicked a hole in them.

3rd - Frank came around to Mr. Jacobs.  I think he is pleased with Em.  He left.  Jimmy walked down Church with me.  Talked about enjoying himself so much in my society more them in any one else.  After Annie they came down and went to Mr. Thomas.  Stayed a little while then rode home.  Mr. Jackson called in the evening, but I was so sleepy.  Not sleeping any the night before.  Mrs. Lecompte was married to Tom Hicks this afternoon.  The rowdies serenaded them.  Made quite a noise and did once disturb me.

4th - ohh what a sad day.  He left this morning for Baltimore and will not be home until March.  Came around to say goodbye and not forget my promise.  He is gone.  I watched him until I could not return.  My heart went with him.  He is going to send me some music or something else.  I wonder what it will be?  It is very foggy.  He will not get there till late this evening.  Uh!, I am so lonely.  What to do I know not.

5th - clear this evening.  Father bought me a piece of linen.  People will see I am going to be married now.  Went up to hear Mr. Sloat lecture on Electricity.  Very damp and could not give sufficient to make it iterate.  Gave us a shock.  Saw Fanny.  Talked about him.  Said I like that man.

6th - Saturday.  Mr. Perry called to see Father.  Set nearly all the morning.  Damp today, but warm.  Frank Houston was over.  So low, he is left.  I wonder why it is.  I really believe I love him.  I hope he will prove worthy.  He put my ring on with a wish.  Said it was.  He hoped I would love him as well as he loved me.  I hope no better.  That will be the trial.

7th - Sunday beautiful morning.  Went by Church.  Rode out this afternoon.  Saw Mary going to Church.  Really, she remembered that he had not been here since I refused the ers present.  Gladly go with him. 

8th - rainy this morning, but cleared in the evening.  Rode down to Mr. Stevens to meet Mrs. Wright and Lou.  Doctor and Eliza are very fond.  Had a nice dance.  Came home early.  Billy B. had called.  Glad I was not at home.

9th - damp, unpleasant, was lonely all day.  Lou said on Sunday, Mr. Rogers was going to send me a Philopena.  Could not get anything in Cambridge to ouch him.  I wonder what it will be, and when I shall get it.  Never.

10th - beautiful day.  Got a note from Mary whilst eating breakfast to ride on horseback.  Did not ride, but walked around see her.  Found some music, Tap.  Jimmy was so kind to send me.  Glad to see him.  So prompt.  I hope I shall hear from him again soon.  Send his love to me.  I wish I had it all!

11th - been snowing.  Wish it would be a deep one so I could go sleigh riding.

12th - cloudy and foggy.  One week today.  Jimmy went away.  How lonely when away from thee we love.

13th - still cloudy.  Lou Wright and Sallie Harris was here.  Lou brought new book of Mr. Rogers.  Read it and liked it, but Mrs. Grey’s writing hase a sanines.

13th - cleared away, but had rain in the afternoon.  Sophia H was here.  Lizzie saw her.  A dream did we.  Did not dream any things not.  I will tonight.

14th - Sunday went to Church.  Had music.  The bride was there.  Heard an excellent sermon.  Went up to the Methodists this afternoon.  Saw two strangers from Baltimore.  One was Sarah Thompson.  Being she was there too, wrote to Nellie Powell.

15th - rather cool.  Mary and Annie came down after tea.  Also Betty Q called.  Mary got a letter on Thursday from Jimmy.  Would not show.

16th - beautiful, lovely, charming day.  Sallie Collins called in the morning.  Stayed until 11 o’clock then dressed.  Went around to see that letter, but there was something in it Mary would not let me see.  Sorry she has lost her confidence in me.  Miss Willis gave a company this evening.  Did not ask me down.  Care a fly, nobody there.  I Can’t.

17th - took a ride with Father.  Drive the new horse.  Liked him.  Annie Webb called.  Was not at home.  I don’t know what to think of that.

18th - beautiful morning.  I never saw such pleasant weather.  Annie Green is here practicing songs.  It was a stiff set at Mr. Willis’s.

19th - pretty day, rather cool.  Annie called this evening a little while.  Mary was here yesterday.  I don’t know what is the matter with her.  She seems so distant.  Hope it will wear off.  Annie is going to have a company soon.

20th - rather pleasant.  Was invited over to Dr. Houston’s.  Did not go.

21st - Mary had a company yesterday.  The first she has had for a good while without inviting me.  Strange thing.  Was at Dr. Houston's Thursday night.  Had a good deal of fun.  Playing candor.  Frank is a nice fellow.

22nd - Sunday morning.  Cleared away, beautiful in the afternoon.  Rode down to Mr. Wright’s.  Some company had just left.  Lou said Mr. Rogers was going to send my present by mail.  I do like that man.  Nothing more.

23rd - such a night as last night.  Was a complete storm, rain, wind, had thunder, and lightening.  My what a night.  The mail comes today.  Maybe I shall get some letters.  Heard Mr. Myers walked home from Church with Mary.

24th - very pleasant.  Rode out to Dr. Houston's to call on some ladies.  Mary was with us.  Queer name Coolick.  Had a good laugh over it.  Got a letter from Kate.  Answered it this evening.  Was glad she had written.  All alone.

25th - snowed a little in the morning, but cleared in the evening.  Sophia called and invited me to spend the evening.  We went.  Met Mr. Myers for the first time.  Enjoyed myself very much.  Sallie Collins was here and saw me dress.

26th - very nice morning.  Finished a pair of slippers for cousin John in the evening.  Went around to see Mary.  She showed me part of the letter.  I really believe he loves me.  He has never told me so in words seriously and alone.  But sometimes one can judge from actions and the eye is a tell tale.  He speaks of me always when he writes.  This time of going through his duties with a "light heart" for he thinks of the friends of home then, and afterward of me.  How vain I am getting, but I am determined to know all he wants and then I can judge better.  It is strange he does not care anything about the ladies in Baltimore.  All the rest of the fellows are in love with someone.  I wonder if he is not?  That is the reason he does not care for anyone else.  And what if I should be the favored one.  Oh! glorious thought and what a vain girl.

27th - been snowing all day, but it is so soft we cannot sleigh ride.  If it will only freeze tonight, we will go tomorrow.  I hear some sleighs tonight.

28th - Father and myself went sleighing.  Cephas Jacobs took Priscilla Shepperd last night and turned her out.  He took them down to Mr. Hixes.  Did not fulfill his promise with Mary and I .  It has been the coldest night and day this year.

29th - Mr. Haskins came yesterday.  Stayed all night.  Went to Church.  The girls are coming on Tuesday.  Sallie Collins came over.  Rained, so she stayed all night. 

30th - Annie Green gives a party today.  Went.  Cousin Joe came to see us today.  Went to the party with us.  Had a good time.  Anxious to know what was in that letter, but Mary followed me, so could not know it.  Expect the girls tomorrow.

31st - lots of girls and boys.  Phil Mackey came over yesterday.  Had a dance.

February 1855