East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1882 East New Market

“Is on Dorchester & Delaware R.R., 12 miles from Cambridge and surrounded by 
a rich farming section, in which the cultivation of small fruits is carried on 
quite successfully…Land sells from $10 to $80 per acre, yields large crops of 
wheat, corn, oats, hay, potatoes, and vegetables….

Churches:  M.E., John Ayers;   P.E.; 
A.F.& A.M. Choptank 138…K of P., 
Centennial 94
public schools, population 350

James T. Prouse, postmaster" 
Business Persons:                         Area Farmers:
Abdell, W.J., justice of peace            Atkinson, F.T.
Andrew, J.W., gen’l mdse.                 Bowen, A.L.
Andrew, T. & Son, gen’l mdse              Cook, James
Bramble, J.K., justice of peace           Dean, James A.
Briley, W.H., gen’l mdse                  Dean, J.Wm.
Chilcutt & Stevens, carpenters            Fletcher, J.W.
Fletcher, K.B., miller                    Hicks, Joseph A.
Fletcher & Bramble, gen’l mdse            Holland, Thomas 
Helsby, Joseph J., store & druggist       Holland, William 
Houston, Dr. Henry W., druggist           Hurst, William
Jacobs, Dr. J.T., physician               Johnson, E.S.
Jones, Dr. Geo. P., physician             Jones, J.Spry
Millard & Co, packers                     Loomis, F.E.
Mowbray, J.A., justice of peace           McAlister, James A.
Reed, E.W., wheelwright                   Newton, Francis A. 
Ryan, John H., hotel                      Prouse, Charles H.
Seymour, M., millinery                    Sherman, T.B.
Sherman, B.F., constable                  Spry, William
Smith, Thomas K., miller                  Webster, John
Stevens, Geo. A.K., attorney-at-law       Webster, Samuel L.
Trice, M.K.,rail road agent               Wright, J.H.
Willoughby, Wm., undertaker               Vickers, William T.

(A post office first opened here on 11/18/1803 under the name “New Market”. 
The name was changed on 5/10/1827 to East New Market to avoid a name conflict 
with Western Shore towns of the same title.)