East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directories

East New Market

1851, 1878, 1880, 1882, 1887

1891-1892, 1894-1895, 1896-1897

1899-1901, 1902-1903, 1906-1907

1908-1909, 1909-1911, 1912-1914

1915-1917, 1927

Frank Loomis (1913) - View of East New Market in 1871

Business References from the 1877 Atlas

Neil Frampton graciously transcribed the Dorchester County Commercial Directories and donated his work to CollinsFactor and to the Dorchester County Public Libraries.  If you are interested in other Dorchester County towns or areas other than East New Market, the full directories can be viewed at both the Cambridge and Hurlock branches of the Dorchester County Public Library.  See the link below for all 1908-1909 Commercial Directories for Dorchester County.

1908-1909 Dorchester County Commercial Directories