East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1887 East New Market

“Is on the Dorchester & Delaware Railroad, twelve miles from Cambridge…
light sandy soil, generally good…Considerable attention paid to the 
cultivation of fruit. …The village of Cabin Creek receives mail though 
this office….
Protestant Episcopal; 
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. P.H. Hawkins, pastor….
Baptist, Rev. F.M. Bubee, pastor…
(ENM) Academy, T. Leckie, teacher….
Societies: A.F. & A.M., Dr. George P. Jones, Secretary…
A.O.U.W., F.H. Dean, Secretary…
Town Officers: President,  Dr. H.W. Houston…..
Commissioners:  T. Andrews, R.W. Randall, Dr. J.T. Jacobs, and E.W. Reed…
postmaster, Joseph E. Henry… 
Business / Professionals: 
Andrews, T. & Son, gen’l mdse.       Johnson, W.E., agricultural implements 
Boston, J.E., blacksmith             Jones, George P., physician
Bramble, Joseph K., hotel            Lewis, F.P., agricultural implements
Bramble, John H. & Co., nursery      Millard, B., packer
Briley, W.H., gen’l merchandise      Nichols, L.W., general mdse.
Chilcut & Stevens, carpenters and    Pueblo Medicine Company
     builders                        Purse, J.J., blacksmith
Cook, Joseph, general merchandise    Rawlings, C.C., shoes
Davis, James A., grocer              Reid, Charles, wheelwright
Dean, James A., clothing & hats      Rung, J.F., stoves and tin ware
Fletcher, M.S., general merchandise  Ryan, J.F., hotel
Fletcher, K.B., miller               Saxton, J.A., agricultural implements
Goslin, M.L., grocer & confectionery Smith, C.M., railroad agent
Helsby, Mrs. B.F., millinery (hats)  Stevens, E.H., carriage maker
Helsby, T.J., drugs                  Varnes, W.J., machinist
Hooper, A.C.& Co., boots & shoes     Vickers, R.G., jeweler
Houston, Dr. Henry W., drugs         Willis, Charles H., hardware
Jacobs, J.T., physician              Willoughby, Howard W., cabinet maker
Johnson, E.S., agricultural          Wood, A.& E., packers
     implements.                     Wright, J.H.& Son, nursery
                                     Young, Lewis, wagon maker
East New Market Farmers, 1887: 
Carpenter, W                         Millard, B
Corkran, J.H.                        Mowbray, T.A.
Cowles, L.C.                         Payne, Wm. J.
DeMott, C.W.                         Prouse, C.H.
Fletcher, M.S.                       Ross, C.N.
Goss, T.C.                           Smith, M.J.T.
Hart, Walter                         Spence, John S.
Haskett/Hacket, A.J.                 Thayer, C.
Hubbard, W.T.                        Thomas, James H.
Isenberg, George W.                  Thompson, G.A.
Johnson, W.E.                        Tucker, T.T.
Lewis, F.P.                          Vickers, Lee
Loomis, F.E. Wood, A.
Lord, E.E.. Woolen, W.J.
Maxwell, J.J.