East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1896-1897 East New Market

Population = 525, postmaster was S.A. Jones 
Business persons: 
Baker, J.A., brick manufacturing           Randall, R.W., saw mill
Barnett, J.S.& Bro, general store          Rawlings, C.C., shoemaker
Beall, W.W., physician                     Reed, Charles Jr., livery
Beckwith, Wm. P, teacher                   Reed, Charles E., carpenter
Boston, James E., blacksmith               Reed, E.W., blacksmith
Bramble, Miss Ida, teacher                 Rhodes, Rev. Walter
Briley, W.H., general store                Saxton. J.A., grain
Camper, F.H., mason                        Scott, C.M., express, railroad,   
Carmin, William, carpenter                              & telegraph agent
Charles, A.M., proprietor,                 Smith, J.H., general store
               The Brick Hotel             Stevens, R.H., fertilizer
Collins, J.G., general store               Vickers, H.Lee, U.S. Express agent 
Collins, S.E., collector                   Webster, Charles & Co, shirt mfg.
Conkle, J.N.,oyster packer,                Webster, S.L.& Co., fruit packers
Eccles, G.F., barber                       Willis, Charles H., hardware
Elliott, George W., wagon maker            Willis, W.W., meat market
Goslin, M.L., general store & livery       Willoughby, Howard H., furniture 
                                                                & undertaker
Hastings, R..L., constable                 Wright, Isaac, nurseryman
Helsby, B.F., milliner                     Young, Lewis, wagon maker
Henry, J.E., druggist
Henry, W.A., general store           (note: ENM’s first post office opened as
Hooper, E..L., Hotel Chesadel         “New Market”, on 11/18/1803, with 
Hooper & Scott, coal                  Robert Traverse as postmaster. The
Hurst, J.W., meat market              location name was changed on 5/10/1827 
Jacobs, James T., physician           to East New Market to avoid postal
Jones, George P., physician           problems with Western Shore towns of
Maxwell, J.E., justice of the peace   the same title. The 1827 P/M was 
Maxwell, Stewart, creamery            William Parrott.)
Millard, Frank, machinist
Myers, C.W., hardware & general store
Outten, Rev. J.P.
Pegelow, Frederick, shoemaker
ENM local farmers, 1896-7 
Camper, F.H.                               Stimus,, C.A.
Carpenter, William                         Stiner, F.D.
Collins, John S.                           Taylor, I.O.
Corkran, J.S.                              Taylor, T.J.
Crane, C.M.                                Thomas, James H.
Crane, J.                                  Thompson, George A.
Crane, Levi                                Tilghman, W.G.
Crippen, D.S.                              Tucker, T.T.
Dean, James                                Webster, Samuel L.
DeMott, C.W.                               Wergen, J.
Hackett, A.J.                              Woolen, W.J.
Hicks, George                              Wright, Frederick K.
Hubbard, O.W.                              Wright, I.H.
Hubbard, W.T.
Hurst, Joseph
Isenberg, George W.
Langford, J.A.
Loomis, F.E.
Lord, E.E.
Maxwell, J.E.
Mowbray, T.A.
Naff, J.E.
Nichols, L.W.
Payne, Wm. J.
Ross, C.N.
Ryan, John
Saxton, J.A.
Smith, James M.
Smith, M.J.T.
Spence, John S.
Stedman, William
Stevens, R.H.