East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1906-1907 East New Market

“incorporated town of 600 inhabitants, situated on Camb. & Seaford Branch of the
P.,B.&W. RR, 12 miles east of Cambridge & 2 from Secretary Creek, the 
steamboat landing.. Georgia Reed, postmaster..”

(note the post office opened here on 11/18/1803 as New Market, and changed to
East New Market on 5/10/1827).

Business Persons/professionals: 
Baker, J.A., horses                   Willoughby, Howard L., 
Boston, James E., blacksmith                    furniture and undertaker
Briley, W.H., general store (Depot)   Wright, Isaac, nurseryman
Camper, F.H., mason                   Young, Lewis, wagonmaker
Carmin, William, carpenter
Collins John S.& Co., grocers         Farmers:
E.New Market Packing Co.              Baker, J.A.           Woolen, W.J.
Elliott, George W., wagonmaker        Camper, F.H.          Wright, Frederick
Helsby, B.F., milliner                Collins, John S.      Wright, Isaac H.
Hitch &Jones, drugs                   Corkran, J.H. 
Holland, E.& Co, general store        Crane, Levi
Hooper, E.L., Chesadel Hotel          Crippen, D.S.
Hubbard, O.W., dealer in fertilizers  Dean, James
Hurst, J.W., meat market              DeMott, C.W.
Jones, George P., physician           Hackett, Alton J.
Lord, E.E.Jr., general store          Hicks, George (Friendship Hall)
McKnown, Wm.P., dentist               Hubbard, Oliver Webb
May,.S.J., grist mill                 Hurst, Joseph
Millard, Frank, machinist             Isenberg, George W.
Millenson, J. dry goods, etc.         Maxwell, J.E.
Nitch, V.E., physician                Mowbray, T.A. 
Pegelow, Frederick, shoemaker         Nichols, L.W.
Rueben, Anton, agricultural           Payne, Wm. J.
     implements                       Ross, John
Saxton, Clarence L., blacksmith       Saxton, J.A.
     & agricultural implements        Smith, James M. 
Saxton, J.A., grain                   Smith, Matthew J.T.
Sayers, A.E., physician               Spence, John S.
Webster, Charles, canner              Stedman, William
Webster, Samuel L., miller and        Taylor, T..J.
     creamery                         Thompson, George A.
Webster, S.L.& Co., mnfrs of          Tilghman, Wm.G.
     shirts                           Webster, Samuel L.
Willis, Charles H. hardware