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Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1927 East New Market

East New Market, 1927
(note: the postmaster was Charles W. Meyer from 4/11/1919 until 12/16/1927, 
at which time Julian Richardson was appointed,  and he served until 5/11/1932.)

(listing of occupations):
Banks, John W.                   Jackson, Charles, laborer
Bell, C. Edwin                   Jackson, Harold, laborer
Blake, Charles H., laborer       Jackson, John, laborer
Bradley, William E., clerk       Jackson, Thomas, laborer
Brannock, J.Airey, merchant      Jenkins, Joshua, A., laborer
Brinsfield, B.B.                 Johnson, William E., clerk
Clifton, Wilbur P., laborer      Johnson, James E., clerk
Colbourn, Oliver, laborer        Jolley, Josiah, laborer
Collins, Thomas W..H., clerk     Jolley, Martin, clerk
Collins, John F.S., clerk        Jones, Charles E., laborer
Collins, G.W., laborer           Jones, Kenneth B.,laborer
Collins, William T., clerk       Jones, Norman, laborer  
Conway, Richard, laborer         Lee, Hamil
Conway, Winfield, laborer        Littleton, George A., merchant
Conway, Herman, laborer          McAllen, Milton
Crowe, Walter J., merchant       McCarter, Vernon L., laborer  
Dashiell, S.J., clerk            McWilliams, Benjamin R.
Dashiell, Earl, laborer          Marsden, L.B., physician
Dean, J. Martin, laborer         Mitchell, Edward E., laborer
Dennard, Richard H., laborer     Moore, George W., clerk
Drain, W.F., laborer             Mortimer, S.W., laborer
Dutton, John, laborer            Murphy, A.W.
Eastern Shore Drug Co,           Neal, Isaiah, laborer  
   F.W. Earle, manager           Neubaur, William
East New Market Bank             Nichols, H.F., physician
Eddington, W.T., merchant        Nicholson, J.K., farmer
Gambrill, W.T., clerk            Parker, Harry E., laborer
Gordon, Louis G., waterman       Richardson, Julian, auto merchant
Gross, William J., clerk         Ross, James, laborer
Harson, Anton, clerk             Ross, Thomas J., laborer
Helsby, Charles, merchant        Rozelle, J.B., farmer
Henry, Noel, laborer             Saxton & Parker, merchants
Howard, J.H., merchant               (farm implements, hardware)
Howard, L.C., builder            Seward, W.J., laborer
Isenberg, Franklin, clerk        Slocum, Noah, laborer
Isenberg Vulcanizing Works
East New Market, 1927, page 2:
Smith, Clarence                  Wheatley, Eben W.
Smith, John W.                   Wheatley, George E.
Smith, John T., laborer          Wheatley, Thomas K.
Smith, S.J.T., farmer            Willis, Paul I, merchant (hardware?)
Spear, Wm. John, laborer         Willoughby, Howard H.,undertaker
Talbot, Frank, waterman          Willoughby, Thomas H., clerk
Thompson, Fred, laborer          Wright, J.B., clerk 
Thompson, Luther, laborer        Young, C.J., laborer
Thompson, Walter J.,laborer      Young, Howard, laborer
Thompson, D. Arthur, laborer
Todd, Hampton, laborer
Todd, Henry, laborer
Todd, Jessie J., laborer
Tubman, Henry Lloyd
Twilley, Edgar R., merchant
Webster, Charles, Sr, fruit packer
Webster, Samuel L., real estate
1927 East New Market, page 3….Farmers:
Adkins, William J.     Ellis, Alex          Milligan, J. Frank
Andrews, Clark         Era, James L.        Milligan, E.G.
Andrews, Thomas        Era, Joseph G.       Mitchell, Charles L.
Askins, Clarence       Gambrill, James R.   Moore, John E.
Askins, Garrison       Gootee, W. T.        Moore, Noah
Baker, J.A.            Graig, Winnie W.     Patten, John E.
Bailey, Leon A.        Harvey, Francis      Puleski, John
Bargeman , R.          Harrison, Harry      Rickwood, W.A.
Bounds, Herman C.      Hackett, J. Luke     Rozelle, Wm.E.
Bell, C,.W,            Henry, George M.     Saxton, Clarence L.
Blobe, ,W. Howard      Henry, John C.       Saxton, M.H.
Blades, John           Henry, John D.       Sellers, William M.
Blades, Harry          Henry, John W.       Short, S.C.
Boston, J.E.           Henry, Robert        Sibley, Edward A.
Bradley, Arnold        Henry, Perry L.      Smith, James M.
Brinsfield, Ira A.     Hicks, George        Suhr, F.A.
Bramble, Archie        Hubbard, Oliver W.   Suhr, August
Brinsfield, James E.   Hubbard, Wm. T.      Taylor, T.J.
Brinsfield, J. Morrett Jackson, Amos        Thompson, Ollie W.
Bryan, Augustus        Jackson, George W.   Thompson, Thomas H.
Clauser, Andrew        Jackson, Roland      Thompson, William O.
Clauser, Carl          Jones, Oscar L.      Thompson, Charles E.
Clifton, Furman B.     Johnson, Louis H.    Thomas, John W.
Conway, George A.      Johnson, John Wesley Thomas, Lake
Colbourn, Samuel C.    Johnson, John B.     Tjaden, John J.
Colbourn, Wm. H.       Kelley, W.J.         Tjaden, Hiram J.
Colbourn, James        Kimmey, Fred         Tobat, Michael
Condon, Daniel F.      Koch, John D.        Undershell, Joshua S.
Dashiell, George       Krueger, Wm. H.      Webster, Harry B.
Denby, John H.         Krueger, William H.  Webster, Joseph H.
DeMott, E.E.           Kral, Joseph         Webster, Frank
Dishan, Frank          Loomis, Fred E.      Webster, T. Winfield
Dockins, Oliver        Matthews, W.M.       Wilkinson, John E.
Dutton, William        Madoskey, William    Wheatley, Herman H.
Eagon, Charles         McAllen, G. Arthur   Wheeler, John H.
Eckert, Paul           Merrick, John C.     Hackett, W.T   added later
Elbert, Albert         Melvin, Githert A.                Johnson, John J 
Elbert, Edgar          Messick, John                     Thompson, John Wesley
Elbert, Selas J.       Millard, F.A.                      
1927 East New Market, Farmers:
Whitten, William T.
Windsor, Joseph T.
Wishnock, Michael
Woodward, Joseph
Woolen, William J.
Wright, Isaac H.
Young, John W.

(author’s note)  In 1928, local businessman Clarence Saxton gave the following facts as part of a Rotary Club speech about the town...“  We have a box factory which produces annually about 125,000 boxes, crates, etc., consisting of cantaloupe, asparagus and berry crates”
Also, in respect to the East New Market Bank, “Charles Webster (Sr.) has become the president and C. Edwin Bell, the cashier….  The bank opened in 1907 with $10,000 in deposits and now has $325,000….  Five farms on the edge of the town produce annually an average of 2000 bushels each (of wheat)….rail car shipments in 1928 included 130 rail cars of cantaloupes, 4 cars of peas, 13 of sweet potatoes, 62 cars of canned tomatoes….in October, 1927, 25,000 hampers of lima beans were shipped by rail and truck…in addition 71 car load of various products were received at the station…”  Also:  “ the town …has 8 stores, 2 canning houses, one box factory, one potato house, one pickle house, one bank, the high school and 4 churches…”