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John H. Fletcher Family

John Hicks Fletcher was born around 1796.  In 1898 John Wesley Fletcher was the subject of a biographical sketch in the "Portrait and Biographical Record of the Eastern Shore of Maryland."  The sketch identifies the father of John Hicks Fletcher as John Fletcher who was originally from Delaware. 

On 5 August 1795 the elder John Fletcher married Sarah Woolford in Dorchester County.   In the 13 October 1807 issue of the Easton Republican Star, Sarah Fletcher and Nathan Griffin are listed as administrators of John Fletcher, deceased.  There were two men named John Fletcher in listed in the 1800 Census in Dorchester County.  Both households listed numerous family members including a male under 10.  The other John Fletcher moved to Somerset County as he is found there in the 1810 Census.  A household headed by Sarah Fletcher remained in Dorchester County.  In the 1810 Census she is listed with no males, 2 females age 10-16, 1 female older than 45, and 1 slave.  John H. Fletcher must have lived elsewhere.

John Hicks Fletcher was the first member of the Fletcher family to appear in the East New Market area.  Before 1839, he purchased part of the Carthagena tract adjoining the southwest side of town.  In 1849, John H. Fletcher was one of the trustees to build the Methodist Episcopal Church in East New Market.

John Hicks Fletcher first married Elizabeth Bradley before 1821 and had at least three children.

The 1830 Census for Dorchester County shows John Fletcher with 2 males under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, and one female 20-30. and 1 female slave under 10.  The 1830 leads one to believe that John and Elizabeth had a fourth son.  Elizabeth Bradley Fletcher appears to have  died between 1828 and 1837 as John Hicks Fletcher remarried to Emily Bramble Corkran.  Emily was the daughter of Jeremiah Bramble and Lovey Whitely Bramble.  Emily previously married Josiah A. Corkran on 27 November 1827 and had one child by that marriage (Emily).  John H. and Emily Bramble Fletcher had two children:

John H. Fletcher does not appear in the 1840 Census in Dorchester County.  He was likely living in a a household headed by another male.  Emily Bramble Fletcher died before 1844.

Deed found in the Edmondson Papers - 7 January 1843 - John Fletcher & Emily Fletcher, his wife, to W.V.M. Edmondson for $92.75:  lot near the village of New Market, consisting of part of a tract called "Carthagena" and part of a tract called "new Market"

On 14 March 1844, John H. Fletcher married Sarah Andrews.  They had one child

1850 Census, Dorchester County - page 179/452
name               age  occupation  birthplace  real estate
John H. Fletcher    53  farmer      Maryland    value $6000
Sarah               42              Maryland
William             22  laborer     Maryland
Major S.            28  merchant    Maryland
Jeremiah            13              Maryland
Mary J.              9              Maryland
John W.              2              Maryland
1860 Census, Dorchester County, District 2 - page 101/911
name               age  occupation  birthplace  estate
John Fletcher       63  farmer      Maryland    real $6000, personal $3500
Sarah               53              Maryland
John                12              Maryland
Mary                20              Maryland
John Hess (black)   15  laborer     Maryland
Thomas James (black) 3              Maryland
1860 Census Slave Schedule, Dorchester County
John Fletcher 
Black male age 22 
Black female age 40

5 FJH  82 - 27 May 1861 - James T. Smith to John H. Fletcher, John H. Stewart, William Hooper, Thomas K. Smith, James Dean, Edward K. Bramble, Henry W. Houston, John Baker, and Kilby B. Fletcher, Trustees in trust of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church for $50:  land on the side of the road from New Market to Cambridge for the use of a cemetery or burial ground for Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church.

On 29 November 1869 John H. Fletcher purchased the "Charles H. Willis House" on the north side of Railroad Avenue. 

1870 Census, Dorchester County, District 2 - page 52
name               age  occupation  birthplace  estate
John Fletcher       72  farmer      Maryland    real $10,000, personal $10,000
Sarah               62  keep house  Maryland
Nicholas Thomas     14  dom servant Maryland    (mulatto)

1876 Tax Record
John H. Fletcher
Carthagenia (home farm) 207 acres - $4140
buildings & improvements $500
Tract land where Sampson lives 112 acres - $1456
Red Hill 256 acres - $3284
buildings & improvements - $250
Dwelling house & lot in ENM 1/2 acre - $1400
Notes of hand & judgments - $7990
2 hogs $10, 3 beds $60, Lot H. furniture $60, silver spoons $5
Total $19455

John and Sarah Fletcher were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1864 until John died.

John Hicks Fletcher died on 17 November 1877 in East New Market.  Sarah Andrews died 15 August 1891.  Both are buried at the East New Market cemetery.

Denton Journal - 22 August 1891 - Obituary -
Mrs. Sarah Fletcher, widow of the late John Fletcher, died at her residence in East New Market on Saturday last, August 15th, at an advanced age.  The deceased lady was the step-mother of Mr. J.B. Fletcher and Mrs. Mary Williamson, of Preston.  The funeral services were held in the M.E. Church at East New Market on Sunday last, and a great many people - relatives and friends - were present.

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grantees - John H. Fletcher

10 ER 249 - 17 April 1826 - John Shehee to John Fletcher for $698:  Part of Turpin's Regulation and part of Widdow's Purchase,

12 ER 324 - 24 December 1830 - Matthew Marain to John Fletcher  for $400:  Part of Utopia and part of Bradley's Chance. 

15 ER 103 - 26 October 1835 - Jeremiah and Mary Bramble to John Fletcher for $1200:  Part of Addition to Daniel's Chance and Preston Vale containing 245 acres.  Beginning near the dwelling house and close to the swan pond.

16 ER 231 - 29 July 1837 - William and Margaret Webb to John H Fletcher for $225:  LeCompte's Ramble which formerly belonged to the late Francis Webb Sr., deceased.

5 FJH 140 mortgage

5  ER 173 John & William Tobacco Stick
5  ER 56? John & wife to Calloway
18 ER 183 John & wife to Waggaman ?
1  WJ 617 John & wife to Bramble
5  WJ 306 Kilby+ to Carroll
5  WJ 42? trustees
5 FJH 484 Kilby
7 FJH 217 John H.
8 FJH 524